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Within only two months, the professional crypto trading and social analytics platform Dash 2 Trade has managed to raise an astounding $8.85 million from investors. Even more impressive is the fact that the fundraise is quickly approaching its hard cap target of $13.42 million despite the current crypto bear market.

Review of Dash 2 Trade

D2T is a crypto analytics platform that was built by traders for traders. Because of this, it has quickly begun attracting attention from a variety of different crypto news outlets and trader influencers. The project was recently featured in Cointelegraph as well as a number of YouTube influencers’ channels.

The crypto influencers below have a combined audience of close to one million followers and recently reviewed crypto project Dash 2 Trade (D2T) on their channels. This is what they had to say.

Crypto Gains

Crypto Gains was impressed by the fact that the project is backed by Quant developers, the extensive features of the trading platform that will give traders a leg up in the market, and the well-planned roadmap.

‘If you can see what new coins are going to come out and see all of the data before everyone else, this gives you a leg up in the market, and that’s what it’s about — having that leg up, being on top of everyone else and knowing what’s going happen before it happens. I sometimes wonder when new coins are going to be listed on centralized exchanges. If this shows you when all coins are going on centralized exchanges, you’re ahead of the game. You’ve already seen how well Quant did. That’s all I’m saying. That says it all. This could really 10x in my eyes.’

Conor Kenny

Kenny noted the feature of the platform he likes, including the scoring system to help with choosing crypto presales to get involved in, as well as the social sentiment toolset. Kenny was also glad the team has been doxxed (publically revealed).

‘Here on this channel we do look at a lot of presales and this could be a platform that shows you different opportunities to get involved early. It’s audited by Solid Proof and they also have their team verified by Coin Sniper. One of the things I like to see that does give me a little bit more confidence in projects is a team being doxxed. I find that if a team is not doxxed, there is far more opportunity for something to be going on in the background that we don’t like.’

Jacob Crypto Bury

‘Dash 2 Trade is really, really cool for any traders out there who want to maximize their trading journey. It helps you snipe high value opportunities in the crypto markets, so do check it out. Really easy to buy with your MetaMask wallet, or use Wallet Connect. You can convert Ethereum or USD straight into Dash 2 Trade … Great tokenomics, great team, and I really love how they’re funnelling a lot of the audience from the Learn 2 Trade platform, so about 70,000 active users have been funnelled into Dash 2 Trade, so the community is strong. Everything’s looking really good here.’


VoskCoin’s review noted that Dash 2 Trade’s smart contracts have been audited by SolidProof, showing no issues, while they were also glad the team has been doxxed.

‘You can have all these grand ideals but if you’ve got a rug built in, or you just have a vulnerability that can just be exploited and result in someone else rugging the project, well then, not a good time. They also already boast a community of 70,000 traders. This is where they get their initial Telegram subscribers.’

Dash 2 Trade Presale Selling Out Fast

The Dash 2 Trade presale will end soon as its hard cap target is now $13.4 million, of which over 67% has already been raised. After the presale concludes, there will be two CEX listings – Bitmart and LBank – as well as a listing on Uniswap. This will add a high level of trading volume at the outset.

D2T is currently in its 4th and final stage of presale, which explains the accelerated rate of buying – $400,000 was raised from investors in less than a day. This is a clear sign of FOMO among investors as they buy up tokens before they run out.

Because more people than ever are interested in due diligence tools following the FTX bankruptcy, Dash 2 Trade is moving up its presale date. And with its first product – the presale dashboard beta – nearly ready to launch, and other product development running ahead of schedule, Dash 2 Trade is in a great position to take advantage of this favorable launch window.

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