Traders Are Tipping These 3 Coins for Price Explosion With Possible 10x Gains

The crypto bear market is not showing signs of ending despite the year coming to an end. 2022 has been marked by one of the worst bear markets in history, given the demise of several crypto firms such as Celsius, Three Arrows Capital, and FTX.

In the last 24 hours, the global cryptocurrency market cap has slightly gained but remains below $900 billion. Bitcoin and Ether have not made any significant movements during this time, and the two were trading at $16,830 and $1,234, respectively.

Despite the uncertainty, crypto traders are flocking to invest in three altcoins that can potentially make 10x gains in the coming weeks. Here are the three altcoins you should consider adding to your portfolio today.

Dash 2 Trade

Dash 2 Trade is a new intelligence platform offering crypto investors access to social sentiment data, on-chain analysis, and strategy-building tools. The platform will also support social trading, making it easy for a crypto investor to build new strategies.

So far, the Dash 2 Trade presale has already raised more than $9 million and is currently in the final stage. Almost 69% of the presale tokens have already been sold. Users need the D2T token to access the features of the Dash 2 Trade platform, and this utility could attract more interest in the token.

The beta version of the Dash 2 Trade platform is almost ready for launch. The project’s website has also been equipped with new features, including images of the upcoming dashboard. The Dash 2 Trade team recently announced that a new CEX listing was coming. The project has already confirmed that it will be listed on LBank and BitMart after the presale ends.


IMPT is a project allowing brands to be involved in efforts to combat climate change. On the IMPT platform, individuals and businesses that want to reduce their carbon footprint can buy and sell carbon credits.

IMPT will partner with thousands of brands globally to battle climate change. Shoppers that buy on any of the IMPT-affiliated brands will receive rewards in IMPT tokens. These tokens can be traded for carbon credits on the blockchain.

There are only three days left before the IMPT presale ends. The presale has already raised more than $15.89 million, and out of this, $1 million was raised in the last 24 hours. After the presale ends, IMPT will be listed on exchanges on December 14. The token will be listed on Uniswap, LBank, and Changelly.


Calvaria: Duels of Eternity is a blockchain gaming ecosystem where users can use NFT trading cards to create strategies and battle against each other. The NFT trading cards can be bought using RIA tokens, giving these tokens utility in the vast crypto space.

The Calvaria blockchain gaming ecosystem seems to resolve one of the main issues in the Web3 gaming sector, which is adoption. The platform plans to bring Web2 and Web3 gamers together by allowing them to access all the game’s features.

The Calvaria presale is currently in the last stage. The presale has raised more than $2.36 million. The presale will end after $3.075,000 has been raised.

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