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The play to earn gaming industry has been thriving as of late, with many projects performing exceptionally well in terms of their user adoption and the prices of their native tokens, particularly those that have a strong focus on being sustainable.

Venture capitalists seeking to invest in the space remain bullish on the industry moving forward, particularly thanks to the fact that many view the play to earn industry as the perfect way to onboard retail users to the world of blockchains.

Many retail users aren’t entranced by the possibility of studying the importance of Bitcoin and the Byzantine Generals’ Problem, but enjoy gaming and would find the entertainment aspect of earning for playing to be a far more rewarding and enticing opportunity.

Meta Masters Guild has now raised $700k

Meta Masters Guild is a brand new project that has already managed to raise an impressive $700k in its presale, demonstrating a huge interest from their community of investors.

The project is seeking to raise capital through sales of their MEMAG token, which is to be the native token of the Meta Masters Guild play to earn ecosystem and gaming guild.

The team seek to differentiate themselves from other gaming guilds in the space by creating their own games for their users.

MEMAG aims to make a sustainable play to earn gaming ecosystem

One of the main complaints levied at the play to earn gaming industry is the fact that many of their tokenomics simply aren’t sustainable over the long term.

The high degrees of inflation mean that token prices are often suppressed and people lose interest in playing the game to earn the rewards.

MEMAG’s solution to this is to make sure that the game is as enjoyable as possible, and that people focus on the concept of “play and earn” rather than “play to earn”.

Race karts to earn rewards in the metaverse

The first game that Meta Masters Guild is building for their ecosystem is a racing game, in which players have the opportunity to compete against one another by racing karts in the metaverse and earn sustainable rewards in the MEMAG token.

Users must choose between three different factions (cyber, punks, or apes) and race against one another for supremacy.

Only 9 days left of the MEMAG presale before the next price hike

The MEMAG presale is being conducted in a series of different stages, with the price of the MEMAG token gradually increasing at each stage of the presale.

Currently, the price of the token stands at just $0.013, but this will rise throughout the presale. At the final stage of the presale, the price will have risen to $0.023, meaning that those who contribute at this stage are able to acquire tokens at a significant discount.

Meta Masters Guild Video Analysis

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