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The move to earn cryptocurrency FightOut has been turning a lot of heads in the cryptocurrency industry over the course of the last few weeks, with the project’s presale having already managed to raise an impressive $2.8m.

The move to earn trend continues to gain traction in 2023

Despite the significant price declines in 2022, a range of new projects have successfully launched into the play to earn gaming space, with phenomena such as Tamadoge having made incredible progress last year.

Projects such as Axie Infinity and the Sandbox also made significant progress this year in terms of new product launches and continued to gain adoption.

However, the market share of these projects has been dwindling, as newer projects in their earlier stages have joined the fray.

FightOut’s brand ambassadors are pushing the project forward

FightOut has managed to onboard a series of high profile brand ambassadors in order to represent the brand and help to market the project moving forwards.

The athletes that they have onboarded thus far have significant followings in the health and fitness space, and strong reputations for their crafts.

Thus far, the boxer Savannah Marshall, the MMA fighters Taila Santos and Amanda Ribas, and the fitness influencer Tremayne Dortch have all been signed on brand ambassadors.

A move to earn phenomenon with a long term vesting schedule

In order to demonstrate their commitment to the long term, the FightOut team have announced that they are to be locking 50% of the total supply, which will be gradually unvesting over the course of the five years.

This means that the potential selling pressure will be significantly reduced, which ought to reflect positively in the future.

Moreover, the long vesting schedules go some way to reassure investors that the core team is interested in developing the project over the long term.

Participate in the FightOut presale before the next price hike

The FGHT presale is being conducted in a series of stages, with the price gradually increasing with each stage. This means that those who contribute at the earlier stages of the presale are able to acquire tokens far more cheaply than those who do so later on.

Currently, the price of the FGHT token is being sold for just $0.0166, but this will rise to $0.0333 at the next stage.

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