A recent YouTube channel identifies useful browser plugins that all cryptocurrency users should know. Several browser extensions – plugins – are useful and even are sometimes necessary for cryptocurrency users.

Popular web browsers like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, Brave, and Safari support several of such browser plugins. Crypto users have a particular need for the browser extensions to check market prices, perform cryptocurrency payments in-browser, and enhance their privacy/security.

This article aims to highlight the top browser plugins and why they are important to crypto users.

Cryptocurrency Wallet Extensions

Crypto wallet plugins allow you to access blockchain-powered crypto apps, conduct crypto transactions, and receive and send crypto assets as you access the internet.

For example, metamask is a necessary crypto wallet plugin that cryptocurrency users need to use in your cryptocurrency transactions. The extension is available for Brave, Opera, Firefox, and Chrome. Metamask enables Ethereum users to make use of this plugin to send and receive Ether and Ethereum tokens as well as accessing other Ethereum-enabled dapps in their browsers.

Badger is another important plugin that allows users to store and send Bitcoin Cash and the SLP tokens built on the Bitcoin Cash protocol. The non-custodial web wallet not only allows micropayments and in-app purchases using Bitcoin Cash but also access to Bitcoin Cash decentralized apps.

Market Data Plugins

Market data extensions enable cryptocurrency users to check the prices of various cryptocurrencies in real-time. The information you gather will, therefore, help you to make informed investment decisions for your digital assets.

Bitcoin Tab is a Chrome extension that you can rely on to get information about various market data. This plugin is designed to enable you to get real-time prices of various cryptocurrencies as well as news related to various cryptocurrencies. The extension also gives a snapchat of what’s happening across the crypto industry at a glance.

Precautions and Privacy

Precautions and privacy plugins are designed to enhance privacy and security of crypto users. Chrome Web Store has many varieties of the available plugins under this category.

Before you install a privacy and precautions plugin, ensure to check the number of installs and the user ratings. Normally, a low number of installs and poor ratings are signs that a plugin doesn’t deliver on its promise.

As soon as you install Chrome plugin, you need to install an AdBlock to prevent hackers from using it to access your personal details associated with your cryptocurrency wallets.


The three main categories of browser plugins play vital roles, which cryptocurrency users should be aware of. To get the best out of these extensions, it’s now upon your responsibility to look for information about efficiency and how each plugin functions. It’s also advisable not to install any new or untested plugins whose authenticity is unverified.