The RIA is the next big thing in blockchain gaming. The presale, which is about to close, is a great opportunity for investors looking to profit.

Calvaria’s Rise in Crypto Gaming

RIA is the native crypto token of the Calvaria ecosystem. Calvaria is a new blockchain game that is getting massive attention from players in the industry. The game combines several critical components of Web3. It takes place in an afterlife-themed metaverse, allowing players to purchase trading cards as non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

In Calvaria, the goal is for players to purchase trading cards and use them to build proper decks that can be used to compete with other players. Each trading card represents a specific character with unique traits and characteristics. Once players purchase these decks, they use them to battle against other players and earn Calvaria’s eRIA token as a prize.

Calvaria would be popular among players for a variety of reasons. The first is its dedication to the free-to-play concept. New users are not required to make any payments or purchases to begin playing Calvaria. Instead, the game gives them free NFTs.

Calvaria is also quite simple to master. This, paired with the game’s free-to-play model, will undoubtedly entice users searching for a quick method to make gains.

Also, the game’s availability on the iOS and Android operating systems ensures that players will always be able to access it, regardless of where they are.

In addition, Calvaria’s developers have organized different community engagement initiatives and competitions that players can participate in.

RIA’s Functionality

Like most blockchain games, Calvaria operates using digital assets. The Calvaria ecosystem has two tokens – eRIA and RIA.

RIA can be acquired through the Calvaria presale, while eRIA is given to players when they win battles. RIA is responsible for everything that happens in Calvaria, but its primary objective is to facilitate NFT purchases within Calvaria’s in-app marketplace.

Players can exchange RIA for eRIA when they win the token in the games.

Because RIA is a proof-of-stake (PoS) coin, anyone who owns it can stake it in the gaming engine to earn more tokens. Staking RIA enables the holder to participate in governance via Calvaria’s decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

The game’s attractiveness is that it allows players to have complete influence over its development and upgrades. Players can engage in this governance structure and have their voices heard by staking RIA.

Finally, holders can use RIA to enter any competitions available in the Calvaria ecosystem.

Now’s the Time to Buy RIA

Right now, RIA is available for investors on presale. The coin has had an impressive outing, with a total raise of $2.23 million.

RIA’s presale is now in its fifth and final stage, with only 28% of tokens left for sale. The presale had been cut from its initial ten-stage process, with its developers claiming that they would prefer to maintain its value for a long time in order to derive maximum profitability.

Calvaria’s developers are working on possible initial exchange offerings (IEO). This is in addition to securing partnerships against MEXC and LBank, two of the market’s leading exchanges, to ensure that RIA becomes tradable as soon as possible.

For investors looking to get the best of blockchain gaming, now is the best time to invest in RIA.

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