battle infinity listing today

Investors and speculators seeking outsized gains often look to smaller cap opportunities, and Binance Smart Chain is replete with them. New token listings are one way that investors can expose themselves to high degree of volatility, and there are several new cryptocurrencies listing today.

New cryptocurrencies listing today

Three new cryptocurrencies are listing today. Whilst the rest of the crypto market has struggled in recent months, new listings (particularly those on Binance Smart Chain) have been faring well.

The Valhalla Protocol

The first, the Valhalla Protocol, is a “decentralized & distributed layer 2 deep-learning training protocol that provides cost-efficient and faster training of deep neural networks”.

Whilst many have been focused on the world of blockchain technology, it is easy to forget that innovation in other areas of technology has created similar hype cycles and excesses.

The Valhalla Protocol is focusing on technology working at the forefront of AI, and using this to lower the barrier to entry for the proliferation of deep learning technology.

By open sourcing the process of deep learning, The Valhalla Protocol hopes to ensure that deep learning can be better implemented into blockchains and AI can be used more easily and more widely.

Exmoc: Game of Metas

Exmoc: Game of Metas is an exclusive “members’ only club”, whose access is gated by NFT ownership.

Not only this, but the NFTs function as part of a card game that the community can play.

Games like this are rising in popularity, since the play to earn mechanics of blockchain gaming means that the community can come to own a stake in the games that they love so much, rather than all of the profits being driven to the company itself.

This mechanic is actually good for the company too, since it means that the game scales much more easily.

Battle Infinity listing on Pancakeswap at 6pm UTC

The play to earn gaming sensation Battle Infinity is another play to earn game that will list today, albeit a far less risky proposition given the success of the project thus far.  Battle Infinity sold out its presale in 25 days, during which time 16,500 BNB was raised.

Battle Infinity is a brand new project being built out of India, a country renowned for its technology innovation, and one whose influence has grown extraordinarily during the past few decades.

Over the coming months, Battle Infinity will be releasing their merchandise store and alpha releases of some of their first games.  As an e-sports play to earn project, there will be many games, but the first is to be cricket (since this is so popular in India, and the competition is comparatively weak).

Gaming giants such as Dream 11 and the Mobile Premier League are yet to build large-scale games that operate on international rails; there is no form of gaming more globally-accessible than blockchain-based games, and the Battle Infinity team is focused on scaling to reach mass adoption and to become a staple of the play to earn gaming space.

The contract address for the native token, IBAT, is 0x19cd9B8e42d4EF62c3EA124110D5Cfd283CEaC43.

Currently, Battle Infinity is trending on Twitter in India, and has been taking the country by storm.

Liquidity will be provided at 6pm UTC and trading will commence. A countdown to the listing is available on the website.

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