This Was the Alternative Name for Bitcoin That Satoshi Nakamoto Almost Picked

Satoshi Nakamoto could have deliberated between the names Bitcoin and Netcoin before dropping the latter. Data on the domains bought when Bitcoin was created shows that was registered a day before the domain was purchased.

Satoshi nearly called Bitcoin Netcoin

A Twitter user, Weinberg, has shared screenshots of the domain purchase history at around the time that Satoshi was creating Bitcoin. The user said that Satoshi seemingly contemplated between the two names before deciding to go with Bitcoin.

The user added that no content was published on the domain. However, the domain was later bought by another person.

“I’ve discovered this by looking at all domains purchased around the same time by AnonymousSpeech. It’s truly amazing that you can still reveal new information on such a researched subject,” the user added. is the website domain associated with the original Bitcoin. The domain was created on August 18, 2008, under AnonymousSpeech. AnonymousSpeech is a service in Japan that allows users to purchase domain names anonymously. The historical domain data shows that was created on August 17, 2008, a day before was created.

The responses garnered on Weinberg’s Twitter post show that the name Bitcoin played an integral role in the success of the crypto asset. Several crypto community members have expressed their dislike for the name Netcoin, with some saying they were glad Satoshi chose to go with Bitcoin.

Controversy over Satoshi Nakamoto’s identity

Some of the responses to Weinberg’s Twitter post also argued that the domain history data could help reveal the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto and prove whether some people who claim to be the creators of Bitcoin are accurate in their assertions.

Australian Computer scientist, Craig Wright, has repeatedly claimed that he is Satoshi Nakamoto. To prove his identity as the Bitcoin creator, Wright has even moved to court to sue those claiming he was not the real Satoshi.

Recently, Wright’s legal claims of being the world’s largest cryptocurrency creator were heard in a London court. Following the hearing, the computer scientist was granted the right to serve copyright lawsuits against those who published the Bitcoin whitepaper.

One of those served in this lawsuit is the publisher of the domain. This publisher goes by a pseudonymous name and is a resident of the United Kingdom. However, given the stage at which Wight’s legal claims to be Satoshi has reached, the publisher has said that he was willing to make his identity public to preserve “the most important paper of the 21st century.”

However, Wright has continued with legal battles. Recently, he said that there were people who could come out and support his theory that he was the real Satoshi Nakamoto. Wright also filed a lawsuit against 16 Bitcoin developers in an attempt to reclaim 111,000 BTC from two wallet addresses, to which he claims to have lost private keys.

Wright’s claims of being Satoshi have not sat well with most of the cryptocurrency community. The co-founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, has previously called Wright a scammer. Buterin said that Wright could not be Satoshi because he was technically wrong in the things he shared about Bitcoin and the web 3.0 & crypto sector.

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