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C-Charge is a brand new cryptocurrency project that is designed to make the process of charging electric vehicles easier and more efficient.

Charge your electric vehicle with CCHG

There are a range of areas in which the cryptocurrency space has been innovating, from decentralised exchanges, lending markets, stores of value, privacy, payments, etc.

C-Charge hopes to use the blockchain in order to make it easier for one to charge their electric vehicle, and to incentivise and reward them for doing so, by rewarding users with carbon credits.

CCHG is at the crossroads of crypto and ESG investing

Two of the largest trends over the course of the last decade have been the rise in ESG investing and the rise of cryptocurrencies, with the former now in forefront of the public’s consciousness and the latter having exploded in popularity.

One of the many concerns that is often levied against Bitcoin is that it uses too much energy, but CCHG has been designed to turn this narrative on its head, and seeks to be extremely environmentally-friendly.

Participate in the presale – 2 days until price rises

The CCHG presale is now live on their website, and has been a huge success thus far with the team already having managed to raise an impressive $2.78m – a feat that is all the more noteworthy when one considers that we are currently in the depths of a bear market and things are highly uncertain in the space at the moment.

The presale is now in its sixth stage and the price will rise as it enters its seventh in the next two days. There isn’t much time left to contribute to the CCHG presale, with the first centralised exchange listing coming at the end of the month on the 31st March.

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