Tamadoge (TAMA)

Tamadoge is set for a full launch, and its native token TAMA is expected to increase in value by 10x once this happens.

Tamadoge Game Almost Ready

Earlier this month, the developers of the popular Tamadoge gaming platform shared an update where they confirmed that the full game engine is almost set and ready to go. The update, titled the Doge Diaries, confirmed that the developers had already put the final touches on the main game engine and are currently working out bugs that need fixing.

Interestingly, the developers explained that Tamadoge isn’t just going to be one game. Instead, it will be an ecosystem filled with multiple games, all of which will be available in different locations and arcades. The developers also shared updates on the game’s non-fungible tokens (NFTs), explaining that they will find ways to integrate the tokens into the game so that players – especially those who have bought NFTs from previous drops will get additional utility from them.

They added that they also had to revamp the game’s reward structure entirely, ensuring that players could win even more by capitalizing on multiple leaderboards.

There is yet to be a definitive date for the Tamadoge launch. However, the developers had initially earmarked the launch sometime before the year’s end. While there was skepticism that they would be able to meet up with this timeline, the recent update shared suggests that they might be.

Tamadoge: Blockchain Gaming’s Next Big Thing

Tamadoge is a blockchain game that relies on NFT digital pets. The game’s objective is to make sure that players buy these pets, grow, groom them, and use them to fight against other players’ pets. As they win more battles, they earn TAMA tokens in return.

So far, the hype surrounding Tamadoge has been sustained due to the frequent competitions and giveaways being organized by the game’s developers. These community initiatives have continued to keep players and members engaged, with the possibility of winning up to $100,000 worth of prizes and tokens.

Developers at Tamadoge have also launched Rare and Super Rare Tamadoge NFTs, all of which help to provide their holders with greater chances of winning the game when it eventually launches.

Time to Buy TAMA?

Currently, TAMA is one of the hottest meme coins in the market. The asset had a strong presale, raising $19 million, and is now available on multiple exchanges. One of these exchanges is Gate.io – one of the biggest exchanges in the market, with over 10 million users and almost $1 billion in daily trading volumes.

With Tamadoge expected to launch soon, we expect to see TAMA’s price surge even higher. And considering that the market is still trying to come out of its bearish run, TAMA could be the perfect coin for a rebound.

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