Battle infinity IBAT

Battle Infinity offers attractive staking rewards for holders of its IBAT token. The platform also provides one of the most resilient blockchain gaming modules and is currently one of the most promising staking services.

IBAT Introduces Staking Service

The Battle Infinity platform launched its staking feature in September 2022. IBAT token holders can stake within the game and earn more tokens.

There are two forms of IBAT staking: flexible staking, which offers 12% annual interest, and fixed staking, which offers up to 25% annual interest. With fixed staking, users can unstake before the specified period, but a 10% fee will be levied.

How to Stake IBAT

Investors looking to earn passive income from their IBAT tokens can follow these steps to stake their coins:

Set Up a Wallet

First, set up a self-custodial wallet. We recommend MetaMask.

Connect Wallet

Visit the Battle Infinity decentralized application (dApp) area and tap “Connect Wallet” to connect the self-custodial wallet to the platform.

Enable Staking Directly

Then, click “Enable Staking” and sign the transaction. First-time stakers will have to get their tokens approved.

Next, select fixed or flexible staking. With fixed staking, investors can determine how long they’d like to stake.

Note that this transaction will require some gas fees.

Stake Your IBAT

After enabling staking, investors will be redirected to the staking page, where they can enter how much IBAT they’d like to stake.

Note that the minimum staking amount is 8,000 IBAT.

Blockchain Gaming Meets Fantasy Sports

Battle Infinity is a blockchain gaming service catering to the needs of sports fans across the world. The platform, launched in 2022, teleports players to its IBAT Premier League, where they can purchase non-fungible tokens (NFTs) representing their favourite players and teams.

In the IBAT Premier League, players form teams with their NFT cards. These NFTs’ values change based on the performances of real-life athletes, and teams also earn points as the season progresses. At the end of the season, the winner is rewarded with the platform’s IBAT token.

Battle Infinity also has a decentralized exchange (DEX) and an NFT marketplace where players can trade their NFTs for money.

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