There are many investors who are looking to both “invest responsibly” as well as make outsized returns, and one of the projects that may be worth exploring is the green cryptocurrency known as IMPT, which has now raised over $3.7m in its presale.

The green project hoping to capitalise on a $30 trillion industry

ESG is becoming more and more important by the day in the investing world, as the world of investing becomes ever more politicised in favour of allocating capital towards projects that are eco-friendly and protect the environment.

By the year 2030, the total market cap of ESG companies is expected to exceed $30 trillion, making it one of the most important areas of investment in the world.

One of the most significant ways that companies can demonstrate their green credentials is via the use of carbon credits, which dictate how much companies are able to pollute.

Rather than interfere with the free market in a more direct manner and tell companies how much they are allowed to pollute, governments around the world have adopted a system of carbon credits in which companies can buy the right to pollute.

Scarcity in the number of carbon credits available means that companies around the world are forced to either reduce their carbon emissions or pay more money for the “privilege” of polluting.

IMPT is one of the few projects currently in existence that hopes to make carbon credits more accessible for individuals to also use, which until now has been a rather untapped market.

By allowing individuals to earn carbon credits for “responsible shopping” and putting them on the blockchain, those who support the environment stand to directly benefit whilst others stand to be penalised.

How far could the price go?

The presale, which is currently underway, has already raised in excess of $3.7m in just over a week, and is due to sell out completely within a few more weeks (at most) at this rate.

There are various stages and levels to the presale: the price gradually increases as the presale continues, meaning that earlier buyers are greatly rewarded for their contributions when compared with those who buy later on.

The IMPT shopping platform is one of the main ways in which the platform will incentivise onboarding new users: users can earn cashback rewards for their spending in IMPT, which can in turn be used to mint carbon credits as NFTs.

According to McKinsey, the market for carbon credits alone is expected to reach $50 billion by 2030, meaning that if IMPT is able to gain even a small market share, the value of the project could be worth many multiples what it is worth today.

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