As crypto gaming makes a comeback, Calvaria is one game that should see an influx of players and 10x in 2023. With only 21% of the RIA token remaining, profit-seeking investors should get in now.

What Is Calvaria?

Calvaria: Duels of Eternity is a new blockchain gaming platform inspired by popular names like Pokemon and Gods Unchained. The game focuses on an afterlife-themed metaverse, where players can purchase non fungible token (NFT) trading cards representing different characters within its universe.

These trading cards come with unique traits and characteristics that relate to the characters they represent, so players can essentially group different cards that allow characters to complement each other.

The game’s objective is for players to create the best deck of cards possible and compete for the ultimate crown. Participants are rewarded with eRIA in exchange for winning games.

Calvaria features an in-game NFT marketplace where players can buy and sell NFT trading cards. The platform also has two native tokens: RIA and eRIA. When players win games, they earn eRIA, while RIA is the main ecosystem token.

The blockchain project is free-to-play (F2P) and play-to-earn (P2E). The P2E mode provides access to exclusive NFT collections, sales of decks, cards, and upgrades, royalties from secondary sales of NFT cards, physical products and services, loot box drops, NFT upgrades, a scholarship system, and the option to wager on tournaments and matchups, and the free-to-play mode provides gamers real-world goods and services, as well as scholarship and advertising opportunities.

When players sign up for the game, they receive NFTs, which they can use to start their decks or even exchange for money immediately. Calvaria is a much better alternative than other games that require some form of financial commitment.

Aside from the game, Calvaria’s developers also organize competitions and initiatives where players can win.

Finally, the game itself is available on all operating systems. This means anyone can play Calvaria, regardless of their location or device.

The Perfect Time to Buy RIA

Calvaria has a native token. The digital asset, which has the ticker RIA, is useful for several functions, with an overall objective of maintaining financial balance within the ecosystem.

It is important to note that RIA differs from eRIA, which is the token players receive when they win games. Both assets, however, can be exchanged for each other if players desire.

RIA’s value is interesting. The asset is a proof-of-stake (PoS) coin, so holders can stake it to get more units. Staking RIA also allows players to participate in Calvaria’s decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), which casts votes on all proposed upgrades to the platform. And finally, holding RIA is the channel through which players can participate in the game’s many competitions.

Currently, RIA is available on presale. The crypto asset has raised $2.43 million in its presale thus far, showing an impressive level of investor interest. While the presale was set for ten stages, it has now been shortened to 5 stages because of the market and a desire to get started with the game development as quickly as possible.

The ERC-20 token is now available in the final stage of its presale, with only 21% of tokens left for purchase. Buy RIA on Presale Now

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