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Many move-to-earn (M2E) initiatives are currently attracting investor attention, leading to an increase in capital entering the market.

Over time, we have seen several programs that aim to reward users for exercising and maintaining a healthy lifestyle emerge.

Yet, Fight Out distinguishes itself as the only move-to-earn program that offers a play-to-earn (P2E) growth trajectory and a built-in metaverse.

Fight Out is a ground-breaking new web-based fitness platform that aims to revolutionize the move-to-earn (M2E) cryptocurrency niche and the larger fitness sector by becoming the first platform to pay users for exercising.

Investors have been racing to secure FGHT tokens at the presale with more than $5.3 million raised so far and a chance to earn up to 67% in bonus tokens.

FIGHT OUT: The Fastest Growing Play-to-Earn

Gaming can be a way to relax, have fun, and interact with others. However, several gaming companies make more profit off the players by prioritizing stimulation over fulfillment, which ultimately leads to creating games that are extremely entertaining but ultimately pointless.

Furthermore, many gamers lose their desire for real-world achievement due to the powerful dopamine hits from corporatized games.

These are developed using social media platforms’ psychological and neuroscientific techniques.

As a result, they become addicted to games that aren’t entertaining, and life outside of gaming becomes uninspiring.

This can be the case to the extent that basic principles of living, such as maintaining a healthy lifestyle, are neglected, even though inactivity is a major contributor to illness, disability, and poor mental health.

Therefore, Fight Out intends to change the present situation by developing an environment that can provide an engaging, fulfilling game that improves the player’s life outside of the game.

The platform’s move-to-earn gaming ecosystem encourages users to exercise and live healthier lives by offering a more rewarding gaming experience.

The platform also appeals to those who already train by providing them a venue for their active lifestyle.

The “soulbound” NFT avatars players use to participate have stats and abilities based on their experience and successes. Since it is “soulbound,” it cannot be bought, sold, or donated.

Upon creating an account, users can mint their own NFT avatar, and early-bird investors in the project’s presale will receive special NFTs once the project is officially launched.

Train Hard and Win Big

Fight Out offers a wide selection of entertaining and engaging games in player vs. environment (PVE) and player vs. player (PVP) modes.

To enter leagues and tournaments, players can pay with $FGHT – the platform’s crypto token. There are also special contest modes where players can earn glory, titles, and the majority of the prize money.

This platform allows players to incorporate their real-life physiques into a game. The user’s real-life training and accomplishments impact their in-game activities, including movement speed, health, damage, stamina, and all other actions they perform in games.

Invest in $FGHT for a New Future

At press time, the price of $FGHT is $0.02610 per token, with the token’s value increasing every seven days to encourage early token purchases.

This will continue until the end of the presale on March 31, before it is listed on centralized exchanges for $0.0333 on April 5.

Fight Out has raised over $5.3 million in the ongoing presale from enthusiastic investors.

Potential investors considering adding the altcoin to their portfolio can buy it with credit cards, USDT, or ETH – they only need to connect a Metamask wallet for PCs or a Trust wallet for mobile devices.

An additional 67% in bonus tokens can be earned during the presale, with investors getting the reward based on their purchase amount and the vesting period they choose.

Bonuses start with a $500 purchase and three-month vesting period, with the full 67% earned by spending more than $50,000 and locking tokens for 36 months.

Also, the platform’s developers recently announced a lucrative 5% referral promo link program.

To begin earning from this, investors can simply go to the Fight Out homepage, add their crypto wallet, and click the “5% referral link” button.

They can then publicize it on social media or within their network and receive 5% of the purchase price for each person who uses their referral link to purchase the $FGHT token.

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