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FightOut is a brand new project that is aiming to improve the world of fitness by being as motivating as possible for people who wish to achieve their health goals.

FightOut will be motivating people around the world

FightOut’s mission is to ensure that blockchains can be used to make health and fitness as efficient as possible, by incentivising their users to exercise as much as possible in a fun and interactive way. The move to earn industry has been booming recently, and FightOut hopes to take advantage of it.

The way that FightOut does this is by tracking and recording everyone’s exercises. The FightOut mobile app doubles up as a personal trainer that provides holistic guidance and fitness education and helps its users to be as proactive as possible.

Those who exercise consistently and make progress to reach their fitness goals are rewarded by farming FGHT and REPS tokens, which are replete with utility throughout the ecosystem.

There is a large metaverse component to FightOut: when one exercises through the platform, they are able to upgrade their metaverse avatars and to buy new skins with farmed assets, and their increased health in the real world will thus be reflected in their online personas.

The team has onboarded a series of brand ambassadors

The team at FightOut have been working hard to onboard as many brand ambassadors as they can that have significant followings and influence in the health and fitness space.

Significantly, they have so far onboarded four key figures: the MMA fighters Amanda Ribas and Taila Santos, as well as the boxer Savannah Marshall and the fitness influencer Tremayne Dortch.

brand ambassadors

Participate in the FGHT presale today – $2.7m raised

The FGHT presale is currently live on the FightOut website, and has been selling out extremely quickly over the course of the past few weeks, with over $2.7m now having been raised in record timing.

The presale is being conducted in a series of stages whereby the price gradually increasing at the later stages, meaning that those who accumulate tokens as early as possible are able to do so at significantly lower prices.

The presale is still in its first stage, meaning that those who contribute at the current moment will be able to acquire tokens as cheaply as possible. As one of the premier platforms for motivating people to stay as healthy as possible, this could be an interesting play in 2023.

Currently, the token is being sold at a price of just $0.01666, but at the next stage of the presale this will rise to $0.0333.

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