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IMPT, the native token for the Impact Project, is the environmental, social, and governmental (ESG) coin many investors are talking about right now. With the asset’s presale kicking into high gear, investors still have opportunities to make gains.

Over the years, there has been a considerable rise in ESG investing. This is a form of investing with the objective of making a real change in people’s lives rather than simply making money or increasing your bottom line. From tackling issues like racial inequality to addressing challenges with pay inequality, ESG investing is shaping up to be one of the pillars of the global investing space.

The issue of climate change is currently affecting everyone across the spectrum, both rich and poor. According to the world’s leading experts on the subject, this problem requires far more urgency than we presently give it.

The Impact Project – Facilitating Carbon Credit Trading

With climate change being a prominent issue, many have been looking towards the blockchain space for a possible solution. Blockchain technology is expected to be one of the future cornerstones of the global tech space. Because the technology is tied heavily to cryptocurrencies, it has been criticized for contributing to the climate crisis.

This is where the Impact Project steps in. The blockchain-based platform, launched in 2022, allows users to trade carbon credits, permitting grant holders to emit a certain quantity of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere in exchange for funding environmental conservation projects.

With carbon credits, individuals and businesses can directly offset their carbon footprint, creating a carbon deficit or, at the very least, a carbon balance in the environment.

The Impact Project allows holders to trade their carbon credits as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), thus making them long-term investments. They can also retire these NFTs, removing them from circulation entirely if they choose. The Impact Project can eliminate issues like double counting and fraud in the carbon credit trading space due to blockchain technology.

Strong Affiliate Network

Besides making carbon credits tradable, the Impact Project also allows users to earn carbon credit NFTs. The platform has over 25,000 affiliate partners, with big names like Amazon, Netflix, and Microsoft as part of its network.

Over 10,000 retailers under this network allow their shoppers to earn IMPT when they purchase any product. With IMPT tokens, retailers can choose what percentage of their sales they want to return to shoppers. These tokens can now be converted into carbon credit NFTs.

IMPT Presale is Live

IMPT is now in the presale stage. The digital asset has so far raised over $12 million from its presale in just a month, and it is now in the second of three stages, where 660 million tokens will be on sale at a unit price of $0.023.

In the final stage, 540 million tokens will be sold for $0.028 each.

Buy TARO For Additional Gains Going Forward

Currently, the presale market is filled with several high-value coins and projects. Though IMPT has been live for a month, another digital asset has already drawn massive investors’ interest.

TARO is a new token looking to take the metaverse by storm. It is affiliated with RobotEra – a world-building, virtual reality platform where players can create avatars, buy land and other properties, and develop them. All properties and assets in the metaverse platform are NFTs, so players get to own everything they buy.

For investors who are fans of world-building platforms like Decentraland and Axie Infinity, RobotEra is one presale to keep an eye on. TARO’s presale is in its first stage now, so this is a good time to buy. Purchase TARO!

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