These Shitcoins Are Trending on Dextools

Recently, there has been a notable surge of interest in shitcoins, commonly called meme coins, within the cryptocurrency community.

This is due to their staggering potential returns of up to 1000% or even higher, depending on overall market conditions.

Meme coins like $PEPE, $4CHAN, $REDDIT, and $STRAY are trending and experiencing significant price movements on DEXTools.

While these meme sensations continue to take the trend lead, emerging shitcoins like $WSM and $AI are creating lash splashes in the crypto sphere due to their vibrant community and potential price pump.


$PEPE currently ranks first in the list of the top trending assets on DEXTools. The digital asset token has surged by over 35.04%, with a trading volume of $17.86 million in the last 24 hours.

This has fueled the interest of meme coin enthusiasts eager to invest before it hits a new moonshot.

trending Pepe graph 6/22/23
Source: DEXTools

Additionally, the number of $PEPE holders has increased to an impressive 121,560. This signals high-demand market traction for this token.

The same factors driving the high demand and price increase of $PEPE are unclear, especially considering its recent downtrend over the past seven days.

At press time, $PEPE trades at $0.000001 per token. However, it is still early to make a bullish analysis as $PEPE remains 67.04% below its all-time high of $0.000004354 recorded on May 5, 2023.

Despite this, the recent price uptrend provides a positive outlook for investors.


$4CHAN takes up the second spot based on its significant push to the price recovery.

At press time, $4CHAN trades at $1.85e-13, with an impressive 24-hour trading volume of $5.14 million.

Source: DEXTools

However, the digital asset’s price has reduced by 31.53% in the last 24 hours. Like $PEPE, the $4CHAN token has exhibited a consistent bearish momentum over the last seven days, leaving investors frustrated.

Deployed on the popular Ethereum blockchain ecosystem, $4CHAN operates as a community-driven token, meaning it cannot be controlled by external influence.

Moreover, crypto analysts speculate that the price of $4CHAN may experience a significant surge in the short term. This is based on its ties with the Ethereum Chain which could influence its price trajectory to a moonshot.


$REDDIT is buzzing on $DEXTools, with its price increasing by 5% in the last two hours.

This has led to $REDDIT taking up the seventh position on DEXTool’s trending list, with many enthusiasts excited over a new sign of a potentially sustained uptrend movement.

DEXTools Reddit graph 6/22/23
Source: DEXTools

Although the $REDDIT trades at $0.018078, with a price drop of 26.94% in the last 24 hours, traders are positive about a price recovery set to emerge.

There is currently no specific news event catalyzing the slow increase in $REDDIT price. However, this won’t faze investors as they embrace every slight positive movement to maximize profit.

Stray Dog ($STRAY)

Stray Dog Token ($STRAY) has experienced an exponential price increase since its debut on June 20, recording over a 3,600% price increase.

Stray Dog Token 6/22/23
Source: DEXTools

However, at press time, the token is trading at $0.004281, indicating a downtrend of 49.21% in the last 24 hours.

Following Jerome Powell’s comments on the Federal Reserve’s interest rate hikes, the emerging crypto asset can potentially enter a new price discovery mode.

Already on DEXTool’s trend list, traders and investors can keep a close eye on price movement and be prepared to react accordingly to positive shifts in momentum.

As $STRAY continues to generate buzz in the crypto space, other meme coins such as $WSM and $AI are also set to pique the interest of retail and whale investors globally.

Wall Street Memes ($WSM) Is the Next Bullish Meme to Trend on DEXTools?

$WSM, an up-and-coming meme coin, has generated significant buzz in the crypto sphere due to its exciting blend of internet culture and savvy financial ventures.

Wall street meme

$WSM may adopt a humorous approach reminiscent of the meme crypto world, but it is far from a mere joke. The shitcoin embeds substantial backing and an ambitious goal to revolutionize the future of finance.

The team behind the new meme coin is notable for their role in creating vibrant communities and the successful goal of raising $2.5 million with their Wall Street Bull NFT collection in 2021.

This team is set to replicate the same feat with the $WSM token presale.

At press time, the coin trades at a discounted presale price of $0.0298 and has raised a whopping $9.3 million in just a few weeks. This indicates hot-red market traction from global investors.

With its meteoric rise, $WSM has the potential to mirror the success of memecoins like $DOGE, $SHIB, and $PEPE, which have generated substantial wealth for early investors.

As it gains momentum, $WSM could be the next trending moonshot coin on DEXTools.

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AiDoge ($AI) Also Expected to Trend After Raising a Staggering $14.9 Million

$AI is an exciting new meme coin poised to become the next popular asset on DEXTools.

This unique coin platform, AiDoge, harnesses the power of generative AI, empowering users to create high-quality memes effortlessly.

AiDoge DEXTools

AiDoge’s state-of-the-art meme generator is touted to permeate surging sectors such as the advert and marketing industry.

This is due to its revolutionary utilities ranging from minting sponsored memes for brands, campaigns, and merchandise for a diverse target audience.

The shitcoin team recently wrapped up a successful presale that raised a significant target of $14.9 million, thanks to the high demand for $AI tokens.

The digital asset is now live on Uniswap and MEXC Global exchanges as it sets the stage for a potential uptrend price movement.

Users can opt to stake their $AI tokens and enjoy a whopping 50% annual percentage yield (APY) within the next two weeks.

The glaring positive market trajectory of $AI is touted to increase even further and be among the trendy assets to purchase on DEXTools in the short term.

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