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Crypto investors are always on the look out for cheap projects with the highest possible returns on investment, and investing in early stage projects is a tried and tested way of doing this – for those investors who have a high risk tolerance and are willing to withstand the volatility, there can be some nuggets of gold to be found.

Cheap altcoins with large potential

There are a range of alt coins that have a huge potential to appreciate in value, and some of those with the most potential are currently in their presale stage.

Investing in early stage projects at this stage of the bear market, with only one year before the next Bitcoin halving, can mean that those investors who are bold enough to take highly speculative bets can profit from doing so, particularly if they are able to secure allocations to projects at their earliest stages.

FightOut (FGHT)

FightOut is a brand new project that has been making huge progress in their presale, having now managed to successfully raise over $2.6m.

Those who wish to use the FightOut platform can track and record their exercises, and be guided through a routine by a mobile app that utilises AI in order to provide a holistic fitness routine.

In addition to helping users to lead a healthier lifestyle, the FightOut application also ensures that its users can earn for doing so – those who perform exercises regularly are rewarded in the FGHT token.

Dash 2 Trade (D2T)

Dash 2 Trade is to be the premier crypto signals and trading platform, positioning itself as the Bloomberg terminal of crypto, but without the extortionate $30k subscription costs.

The presale was due to be ending tomorrow, but thanks to a surplus of demand for the token the team have decided to lengthen the presale by an extra four days in order to cater for the surge in interest.

C-Charge (CCHG) – a cheap green play

C-Charge is a brand new cryptocurrency that aims to be the greenest ICO of 2023, and has been selling out its presale extremely quickly.

The project is focused around making the process of charging electric vehicles as seamless as possible by utilising carbon credits and blockchain to be as green as possible.

Currently, the tokenis being sold on the C-Charge website for a price of just $0.013, but. the price of the token is to gradually increase with each stage of the presale – at the next stage of the presale the price of CCHG will rise to $0.0165 – buy now to secure the lowest possible prices.

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