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In a sharp reversal of its recent gains, the cryptocurrency market suffered a significant blow Friday, with bitcoin’s price briefly falling below $20,000 earlier in the day. The world’s largest cryptocurrency was trading at $19,559 at one point, wiping out more than $70 billion from the market. The sell-off came amid concerns about regulatory crackdowns, a bank scare, mining concerns, and general negative sentiment toward cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin’s initial decline followed news of Silvergate Bank’s shutdown, causing a ripple effect throughout the market. The bank’s shutdown was reportedly due to compliance issues, but the event has raised concerns about the overall stability and security of the cryptocurrency market.

And now, the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) has also sent shockwaves through the startup and cryptocurrency communities. Y Combinator’s Garry Tan called it an “extinction-level event” for startups, warning that it could set innovation back by a decade or more.

This has negatively impacted crypto prices and other risk asset prices on Friday, with financial institutions tied to innovative and forward-looking sectors of the economy facing major trouble.

SVB’s collapse was caused by classic bank runs, with declining deposits and rising cash withdrawals, compounded by rising interest rates and real business cycle issues related to COVID-19 disruptions. While some may be tempted to blame the cryptocurrency sector for the crisis, the reality is that many banks around the world are facing similar structural pressures caused by the massive real-world chaos of the pandemic.

The dip in bitcoin prices came as a surprise to many investors who had been expecting the market to rebound after recent declines. Many analysts had predicted that bitcoin would bounce back to $40,000 by the end of the year, but this latest drop has silenced those expectations.

There are also still concerns about regulatory crackdowns and the environmental impact of bitcoin mining..

While the recent drop in bitcoin prices may have spooked some investors, there are still many other coins that are likely to be safe havens in the volatility.

LHINU, FGHT, METRO, CCHG, D2T, and MEMAG are all coins with strong potential for growth and stability. By diversifying your portfolio with these coins, you can potentially minimize your risk while maximizing your returns.

Love, Hate, and Profit: LHINU Meme Coin Disrupts Survey Industry with Blockchain Voting System

Love Hate Inu (LHINU) is a meme coin that is set to go viral and shake up the survey industry. With LHINU’s secure voting system, users can express their love or hate for a given proposal. The power of the blockchain ensures full transparency, and a secure payment system, making it impossible to game the system.

Within hours of its launch, the presale had raised over $100,000. LHINU is planning to disrupt the $3.2 billion global online survey industry, which is growing at 14.6% annually. LHINU is seeking out partnerships with brands to conduct sponsored polls that will reward voters with NFT discount codes and NFTs backed by physical assets.

LHINU builds on the success of meme coins like Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, Floki, and Tamadoge. The $LHINU token is expected to follow the same meteoric price trajectory as Shiba Inu, which has increased in value by an incredible 7,254,801% since its launch in August 2020.

90% of the total supply of 100 billion tokens has been made available to the public. The Love Hate Inu ecosystem comprises the Vote Submission Platform, where poll ideas are presented for the community to consider, and the Management Dashboard, where the transparent monitoring of the voting process takes place.

Love Hate Inu’s Vote-to-Earn ecosystem works through real-time staking, requiring the staking of $LHINU for a minimum of 30 days to prevent spam and manipulation of the voting process. The project plans to use 10% of the token supply for implementing a secure payment system, marketing, development, and paying out Vote to Earn rewards

Investors can take advantage of the soft launch price during the eight-stage presale. The roadmap plans for the launch of LHINU in Q3 2023, with token holders and interested brands able to create their polls from Q4 onwards. With no other crypto asset on the market combining meme coin virality with Vote to Earn, LHINU shows strong potential as one of the best returns on investment in crypto and a safe place during volatile market conditions with its secure payment system.

Fight Out (FGHT) Knocks Out Competition in Successful Presale

Fight Out is a platform that is drawing attention and media coverage for its successful presale and interesting concept. So far the presale has raised over $5.4 million. This is a significant achievement in what is being described as a tough market for crypto.

Despite the challenging conditions, FGHT has managed to dwarf other raises and is roaring ahead as a P2E fantasy sports league and fitness app. By offering users the ability to hedge their bets using algorithms from fighters’ past fights, FGHT is providing a more accessible and engaging betting experience in the fantasy sports world while offering a secure payment system.

Fight Out has a definite potential to disrupt both the move to earn fitness apps and the fantasy sports industries, as shown by its successful presale and the attention it has received.

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Metropoly to Launch Real Estate NFT Marketplace

Metropoly is a blockchain-based real estate investment platform that aims to revolutionize the digital economy.

The company recently launched the beta version of its real estate NFT marketplace which will make it easy for cryptocurrency investors to invest in the sector. By using fractionalized non-fungible tokens, Metropoly simplifies real estate investment while offering real-time analytics and passive income from rental payments.

The NFTs on the platform has an entry point of $100, making it a viable option for investors to diversify their portfolios and gain protection against inflation. Investors can sell their properties whenever they like or participate in auctions to get the highest bid.

Metropoly is also committed to becoming a sustainable platform by using renewable energy sources like solar and wind power to power its operations. Metropoly has raised nearly $645,000 in its presale so far, with prices increasing in nine increments.Visit Metropoly Now

C Charge Opens Up Carbon Credit Industry for EV Drivers

C+Charge has launched the beta version of its EV charging app, which aims to democratize the carbon credit industry by enabling EV drivers to receive carbon credits for charging. The app is a web version that has been made available to the community until the iOS App Store version is approved.

The C+Charge app beta functionality is currently limited to EV Charging Locations, the Merch Shop, and Rewards. The first 200 users who submit their wallet address will qualify for an airdrop of a random amount of tokens, with one lucky winner receiving an airdrop of $300 of C-Charge Tokens.

CCHG also provides a universal easy-to-access secure payment system that doesn’t require network managers to install expensive PoS equipment providing a seamless and secure payment system.

The presale has eight stages, and each stage lasts a week. The listing price will be $0.0235, and those who bought tokens in the first stage when the CCHG price was marked at $0.013 will see their investment go up by 80% at the end of the presale, even before the token starts trading on BitMart.Visit C+Charge Now

D2T Puts the Dash in Trading: A Platform for All Traders with a Strong Potential

Dash 2 Trade is a rising star in the cryptocurrency world, with a 160% increase in value over the past 30 days. The trader’s coin is quickly gaining attention from investors looking for the next big thing.

The Dash 2 Trade platform is built on a decentralized network that ensures transparency and security, and the company is committed to providing exceptional customer support to its users and a secure payment system.

Dash 2 Trade has already gained significant traction in the market, with a strong user base and a growing community of supporters.

One of the key features of the platform is its advanced trading tools, providing users with the ability to analyze market trends and make informed decisions about their investments using both AI and community analysis. The platform also offers a range of educational resources and tutorials to help users learn more about trading and maximize their profits.

Investors who are interested in buying D2T can do so through a variety of exchanges, including PancakeSwap and BitMart. The company has also announced plans to launch its own exchange soon.

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MEMAG-nify Your Gaming Experience: Meta Masters Guild Shows Strong Potential

Meta Masters Guild’s MEMAG token will be listed on BitMart and HitBTC centralized exchanges on March 15, 2023. This comes after the platform listed on its first exchanges, and Uniswap on March 1, 2023, following its successful presale in mid-February that raised $4.97 million.

MEMAG is currently priced at $0.01890. The addition of both exchanges will add substantial liquidity to the MEMAG market. The Meta Masters Guild team says that there will be further exchange listings announcements in the weeks ahead as well.

Meta Masters Guild already has its first game studio, Gamearound, on board and is well underway in developing the Meta Kart Racers game, which will have both free-to-play and play-and-earn options. Players will be able to earn Gems rewars from their in-game activity and win rare NFTs.

The platform is targeting the mobile play-to-earn games space, which means its production costs are much lower than for console game publishers. MEMAG tokens get their value from their utility as the native tokens of the ecosystem.

MEMAG token holders will soon be able to participate in staking pools and earn up to 75% APY until the end of April as a welcome offer. Token holders can earn 7.5% APY and 15% APY for 30- and 90-day lockups, respectively.

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