sandbox met its match

The Sandbox is one of the largest and most significant metaverses by market cap, and has become ubiquitous with the idea of the Web3 metaverses, alongside other giants such as Decentraland, Axie Inifinity and Iluvium.

Has Sandbox met its match with RobotEra?

There are many in the play to earn and metaverse space who believe that the Sandbox may finally have met its match with RobotEra.

Despite being one of the best performing assets over the course of 2021, there are many who now believe that the Sandbox has reached market saturation.

More significantly, there are many projects that are far smaller, such as RobotEra, that have more potential to grow, which makes them a more compelling opportunity for investors.

An interplanetary metaverse builder

With RobotEra, one has the opportunity to build entire cities and planets with the help of robots and AI. As such, the RobotEra metaverse is carving out its own niche in the metaverse space by looking forward to the technology of the future.

Each metaverse has a different feel to it: Decentraland was a first mover, the Sandbox focused on higher quality graphics, and Iluvium has more of a gaming component. The RobotEra metaverse, by contrast, is focused on the cutting edge technology that exists moving forward.

TARO is the heart of the RobotEra metaverse

At the heart of the RobotEra metaverse is their native currency TARO, which acts as the lifeblood of the entire ecosystem.

TARO is used for every aspect of RobotEra, whether it be for land sales, skins, upgrades, etc. As such, it is one of the most effective ways to gain exposure to this fledgling metaverse.

Moreover, the TARO token is used as a governance token for RobotEra, meaning that people who hold TARO tokens are able to vote on the future of the RobotEra metaverse and make their voices heard as to its future direction.

RobotEra has met its match – participate in the TARO presale today

The TARO presale has been selling out extremely quickly over the course of the last few months, and has now managed to raise an impressive $700k to create their metaverse – a feat that is all the more impressive when one considers that we are currently in the depths of a bear market.

The presale is being conducted in a series of stages, meaning that those who contribute at the earlier stages of the presale are able to acquire tokens far more cheaply than those who do so later on.

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