Over the course of the last bull market, many projects focused on the metaverse ballooned in value to become some of the most important cryptocurrencies in the space – the competition has been rife, and is becoming stronger all the time.

Building on Decentraland’s entry to the metaverse, the Sandbox decided to create an ecosystem with far better graphics and far more utility offered to holders of SAND and owners of the virtual land.

However, since the lofty heights of 2021, the markets have taken a tumble and the price of SAND has collapsed by over 90%.

New projects are entering into the space all the time as competition, and one of them, which has just started its presale, is taking the world of metaverse speculators by storm.

RobotEra going into competition with Sandbox

RobotEra is another sandbox-style metaverse in which owners of land become robots, and have the opportunity to build and develop the land that they operate on.

The robots can farm and mine for resources in order to keep themselves replenished, and are able to cultivate a vast emporium within the metaverse.

Moreover, robots in RobotEra have the opportunity to play and socialise with other robots.

The RobotEra DAO

One of the main selling points for RobotEra is the eventual transition to the RobotEra DAO, which is designed to capitalise on the growing trend of investor focus on decentralisation.

Decentralised organisations have been gaining traction over the course of the last year few years thanks to the way in which they are able to operate far more efficiently by leveraging the hive mind of their communities.

Launching in collaboration with LBank

The TARO token is launching with the support and collaboration of the LBank exchange, meaning that one could reasonably expect listings upcoming after the presale has concluded.

LBank is a relatively large exchange that has previously listed a series of coins and tokens, and it seems as though the trend of adopting strong projects isn’t to abate any time soon.

The TARO token is now in presale

The RobotEra ecosystem is powered by the TARO token, which functions as the lifeblood of the metaverse, and the native currency.

Currently, the presale is now live on their website. Those who wish to participate can do so by purchasing TARO tokens with ETH or with stablecoins.

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