Image by: Fareed Mindalano / Playground AI - The ROBOPEPE Price Crashes 90% - What's the Real Next PEPE?
Image by Fareed Mindalano / Playground AI – ROBOPEPE Price Crashes 90% – What’s the Real Next PEPE?

The ROBOPEPE price has been charting a volatile course since its introduction on June 14.

Starting its journey with an explosive 6,034% upswing within the first 12 hours, it showcased the high-risk, high-reward nature of the crypto market, especially meme coins.

It quickly underwent a 61% retracement to the $0.0009329 support level from June 15 to June 18. Then, a brief respite arrived on June 19, and the ROBOPEPE price sprang up by 177%, only to then be confronted by considerable selling pressure.

Presently, the latest data reveals that the ROBOPEPE price is facing a bearish onslaught, plummeting by 90% so far today to $0.0001624.

ROBOPEPE Price Prediction and Technical Analysis

Source: DEXTools / ROBOPEPEUSD 06-20-23
Source: DEXTools / ROBOPEPEUSD 06-20-23

The technical indicators paint a complex picture. A glance at the 1-hour charts reveals the ROBOPEPE price is trading significantly below its 20 EMA ($0.0005580), 50 EMA ($0.0009744), and 100 EMA ($0.0012522).

This signals a strong bearish trend, with the 20 EMA acting as an immediate resistance level. The meme coin has been unable to recapture this key level, reinforcing the bearish sentiment.

The ROBOPEPE price has found some immediate support in the range of $0.0001116 to $0.0001383.

However, if it were to fall below this range, ROBOPEPE could enter a downside price discovery mode, potentially leading to further losses.

Conversely, resistance is present at the 1-hour 20 EMA, currently situated at $0.0005580. The ROBOPEPE price would need to break past this level to signal a reversal in trend.

Looking at the pool information from Uniswap V2, the total liquidity for ROBOPEPE stands at $42.31K, and the 24-hour volume is $115.41K.

The total market cap is at a low of $129.99K, while the total supply amounts to 800 million ROBOPEPE coins.

With a 90% decline so far today, it’s essential for investors and traders to keep a close eye on the technical indicators. Given the bearish signs, any potential buyers should approach with caution.

While ROBOPEPE struggles through its rocky debut, the cryptocurrency market is already eyeing another up-and-coming meme coin, Wall Street Memes’ $WSM.

This recently-launched cryptocurrency is supported by a robust online retail investing community and has demonstrated remarkable growth in its presale.

A New Chapter for Wall Street Memes: The $WSM Presale

Wall Street Memes, the vibrant online investor community, has reached a notable landmark with its $WSM meme coin presale.

After launching merely three and a half weeks ago, the presale has already surpassed the $8.8 million mark, indicating a quickening daily fundraising pace.

Aspiring investors are urged to act swiftly, with potential parallels drawn to other viral crypto sensations such as Pepe, Dogecoin, or Shiba Inu meme coins.

The presale now sits at stage 17, with each $WSM coin priced at $0.0298. By the presale’s completion, the coin’s value is projected to hit $0.0337.

This increase suggests those who participate at this stage could secure potential returns.

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Digital Asset Success and Powerful Community Engagement

A key differentiator for Wall Street Memes is its demonstrated success in digital asset launches selling out rapidly.

This prowess was exhibited in the Wall Street Bulls NFT collection launch, which garnered $2.5 million and sold out within 32 minutes.

In addition to its digital success, Wall Street Memes boasts a vibrant and expansive community, extending across multiple social platforms and totaling more than one million members.

Such robust engagement has even drawn attention from influential figures like Elon Musk, hinting at Wall Street Memes’ wide-reaching influence.

Analysts suggest that the significant size of the Wall Street Memes community might secure the $WSM token a spot on top-tier crypto exchanges like Binance.

Behind-the-scenes whispers indicate discussions with the top cryptocurrency exchanges are already underway, hinting at possible bullish movements for $WSM.

Upon gaining a place on established exchanges, $WSM can expect an expanded pool of potential buyers and traders, potentially increasing trading volume and liquidity – factors that often positively influence a token’s price.

$WSM and the Wall Street Rebellion

Wall Street Memes was birthed from the 2021 movement where small-scale investors teamed up against Wall Street.

Although the overarching dominance of institutional investors remained intact, the impact was significant enough to force the closure of the Melvin Capital hedge fund. Wall Street Memes is, essentially, tokenizing this movement.

Considering the importance of community and social media presence in the success of meme coins, the strength and engagement around the $WSM project will likely continue to attract significant attention. This hype may very well continue to increase the token’s demand and, in turn, its price.

Consequently, many analysts are forecasting a promising future for $WSM upon its listing on exchanges.

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