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The next big blockchain-based metaverse game is here. RobotEra, a Space Robot-themed sandbox-style metaverse planet rebuilding game, has been making waves in the crypto gaming/metaverse space since the project’s launch.

The project is currently conducting a pre-sale of the TARO token that will be used as the metaverse’s main medium of exchange. RobotEra’s in-game currency TARO is an ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain and is named after planet Taro, where the RobotEra metaverse based.

In just a few weeks, the project has already sold more than 21 million tokens and raised over $420,000, making it one of the top crypto pre-sales of 2022. Tokens are currently being sold at what analysts view as a likely highly discounted price of just 0.02 USDT, but the pre-sale will soon enter stage 2, which will see the token pre-sale price lifted to 0.025 USDT.

RobotEra plans to begin sales of NFT robots that players can use within its metaverse soon. Investors who have already bagged themselves some TARO should stay tuned.

What is RobotEra? The Next Decentraland

Industry commentators familiar with the RobotEra project think it has the potential to be the next Decentraland. Players will be able to create a robot non-fungible token (NFT) through which they will interact with the RobotEra metaverse. Using TARO, RobotEra users will be able to buy and sell land within the metaverse, as well as a host of other in-game NFTs, such as NFT robots and items.

Players will be able to develop and build on their land, with RobotEra planning to incorporate an element of play/build-to-earn into the metaverse, where users can essentially mine TARO. Players wishing to build the RobotEra metaverses won’t need coding skills, all they will need to do is master RobotEra’s simple in-game building tools.

RobotEra players will be able to build and compete in games, which RobotEra says will offer players another avenue to earn TARO. RobotEra envisages that, as with other established crypto metaverse players such as Decentraland, “real world” businesses and brands will eventually be attracted into RobotEra’s metaverse. They will be able to purchase and develop land in order to promote their business.

Meanwhile, RobotEra will offer creators and artists a new way to interact with fans. They will be able to create and distribute real digital assets which will be tradeable within the game to fans. RobotEra also envisages that various groups and communities will migrate to its metaverse, with the platform offering an excellent space for communities to gather.

Can TARO Investors Snag 10x Gains?

Back in 2017, Decentraland was selling its MANA tokens for $0.024 each (in batches of 1000 tokens for $24). By early 2018, MANA’s value had very nearly risen tenfold to the $0.23 area. Then in early 2021, after a prolonged period where MANA fell back to, but rarely back below, its pre-sale price, things started getting wild.

After Facebook’s pivot in focus to the metaverse and name change to Meta, MANA went as high as $5.0 per token. That represents a more than 200x return for the early investors.

MANA has been lucrative for early investors. Source: CoinMarketCap

Could TARO, which is currently selling for 0.020 USDT ($0.02), experience the same price growth? The cryptocurrency bear market means that MANA is back to trading around $0.40. So a quick 200x return for TARO seems unlikely.

But if RobotEra gets quick traction after the launch of its main game, which is expected sometime in 2023, there is no reason why TARO can’t rival MANA in price. Is a 10x jump in TARO’s price to $0.20 per token plausible for 2023/2024? Absolutely. Especially if the crypto bear market ends and rival metaverse coins like MANA start rallying again.

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