RobotEra Metaverse

RobotEra, the most talked about blockchain-gaming project, is making waves in the Web3 metaverse space with its native token, TARO, which has raised over $835,000 in just a few months.

The Metaverse Industry

The metaverse concept is a highly immersive 3D virtual world that many believe will be the next iteration of the internet. This virtual world enables people to interact by creating a customized avatar, giving it a similar feel to the real world. The metaverse growth has been exponential due to considerable recognition and adoptions from tech and communication giants who have invested billions of dollars into the space.

The metaverse industry encompasses nine major sectors – data governance and security, networking equipment and cloud infrastructure, blockchain and cryptocurrencies/non-fungible tokens (NFTs), artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML), augmented and virtual reality, AdTech (Internet advertising), enterprise applications, payment platforms, and fast-paced gaming space.

According to GlobalData Metaverse Market Overview, the digital space industry could reach up to $999.42 billion by 2030 due to its vast collaborations, adoptions, and core projects built on its ecosystem. Most of its value will likely come from the next innovative metaverse coin, which RobotEra, a unique play-to-earn (P2P) gaming project, is surging through.

The decentralized gaming crypto project asserts to empower participants and create a wide range of earning opportunities and structure levels for everyone. RobotEra joins the list of Web3-based gaming projects with tremendous growth, such as Sandbox, Decentraland, Axie Infinity, and many more, bringing a new aspect of the metaverse sector into the emerging economic field.

RobotEra and TARO: The Next Big Metaverse Crypto Project

RobotEra is a sandbox-like planet-rebuilding blockchain project making waves in the Web3 metaverse industry. This unique project offers participants a simple-layout interface, enabling players to construct and customize robots, manage land buildings without prior programming knowledge, and participate in the planet’s creation.

This game will offer innovation to the space with an easy-to-use interface, allowing players to construct and customize robots, the landscape, and buildings. Members can also acquire resources from their lands and create diverse robot companions.

One of the notable appealing features of the RobotEra is its wide array of earning opportunities provided to participants. Players can monetize their gameplay by hosting events with admission fees, creating billboards and charging fees for advertisements, and selling NFTs-based robot avatars and gaming assets.

Additionally, to further create multiple revenue streams for players, RobotEra allows participants to earn profits from their in-game actions, including participating in events such as virtual concerts, building new robots, acquiring digital resources from the game world, and completing tasks.

It is worth noting that the metaverse gaming platform integrates a major crypto token called $TARO, one of the next big metaverse coins.

RobotEra aims to grow in utility, reputation, and popularity. The crypto project will introduce virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technology in 2024, giving gamers an advanced metaverse that entails non-fictional interaction and sophisticated real-world features.


$TARO is the native token that fuels the RobotEra gaming ecosystem. This crypto asset is built on the Ethereum network (ERC-20 utility token) and acts as the basis of all transactions and interactions.

$TARO will be used across the RobotEra ecosystem by developers, gamers, and publishers, enabling creators and players to exchange to buy and sell NFTs and game assets, cash out their rewards on the open market when it lists on public exchanges, and share various unique gaming experiences in the TARO planet.

Players with an eye for passive income opportunities can stake $TARO and earn interest in more tokens within a period. The passive income integration makes the metaverse gaming project a worthy investment appeal.

Ready to purchase the fast-paced crypto asset? $TARO is currently on presale, with over $835,000 raised in investment. Crypto enthusiasts believe the metaverse coin will have $1m in investment in a few weeks, a new milestone that portrays its unique potential.

As of press time, the crypto asset presale is in its first stage, with 1 TARO selling for 0.020 USDT. However, the stage will end soon, and 1 TARO token will sell for 0.025 USDT during stage two and 0.032 USDT in the third stage.

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