The new crypto gaming project RobotEra is breathing new life into the metaverse as it continues to cause massive excitement and opportunities for profitability among players and developers. The platform’s token, TARO, is currently available on presale and has generated over $808,000 in a matter of weeks.

RobotEra: A New Frontier of Metaverse Gaming

RobotEra is a new blockchain-based metaverse game that has grown exponentially in popularity in all corners of the gaming industry. The gaming platform provides all participants different ways to interact, digital lands and assets, compelling gaming features, and rewards as they compete with one another.

The Ethereum-based platform’s wide range of earning opportunities is designed to be Sandbox-like due to its integrated non-fungible tokens (NFTs) based lands, in-game structures, and items, building new metaverses and connecting with diverse gaming communities.

The metaverse’s sensational project combined the popular play-to-earn (P2E) digital model and NFTs to give users one of the best gaming experiences in the industry.

Besides its unique structure and features, RobotEra’s in-game design is one to get excited about. Each member of the digital gaming hub is transported to a virtual planet called Taro. The storyline behind the virtual planet is impressive. Taro witnesses a battle between its dwellers and an army of invading robots that happens to win, but at the expense of the planet and its inhabitants.

The digital project enables players to use avatars representing robots to help build a new home for the inhabitants of Taro. Once an avatar is created, players can seamlessly purchase lands, in-game items, and other assets within the game to stand a chance to fight and earn.

It is worth noting that all assets within the RobotEra ecosystem, including in-game assets and unique avatars, are built as NFTs. This means that all players can easily own and monetize their assets anytime. Asides from that, the digital platform also allows players to be creative with their use of avatars and assets, allowing them to personalize every asset they own.

Participants can build virtual lands to reconstruct the Taro planet and earn Taro tokens as rewards. In addition, RobotEra provides a vast range of side quests and tasks for players to earn more.

It’s Robot Time: Create, Play, and Earn

RobotEra’s diverse gaming structures and redeeming rewards qualities make it one of the best gaming projects in the industry, arguably on par with Sandbox. The game features an intuitive and interactive interface to play and earn opportunities in the form of rewards without the need for third parties hardware or softwares. All players are allowed to participate in world-building and earn profits.

Furthermore, players can purchase and monetize assets. For instance, a player can buy and sell NFT-structured in-game assets, buy lands and hire people to live there, create large billboards, and charge brands to advertise – the list is endless.

Now Is the Best Time to Buy $TARO

Like other gaming projects, RobotEra incorporates a native token known as $TARO that powers its whole ecosystem transactions. Participants can use the digital asset to buy virtual lands, build, purchase, and sell NFTs and other assets on the open market when it lists on public exchanges.

Users are also provided a new means to earn passively through staking. Players can stake $TARO and earn more tokens as incentives as the time comes on. This trend is similar to the crypto market, where investors stake assets and earn massive gains as staked assets increase in price value.

Investors keen on purchasing low-valued crypto assets should consider $TARO. The digital asset has shown great potential and can be purchased via presale.

The $TARO presale is ongoing, and Investors can purchase 1 TARO for $0.020 before the price increases to $0.025 in stage two. The presale has been active for a few months and raised over $808,000.

$TARO is growing exponentially, and according to the project roadmap, the digital asset will rise further when it starts listing on crypto exchanges. This implies that the best time to invest in the future of metaverse gaming is now.

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