Thinking about where to invest your money is always tough. There are hundreds of projects out there but we’ve picked out 3 to help you compare. Polygon, Uniswap and The Hideaways. Which is the best investment of 2022?

Polygon (MATIC)’s Latest Price Movements

Polygon (MATIC) has been trading quietly since falling from $1 in mid-August.

It had a brief moment of relief after top brokerage platform Robinhood announced the go signal to use the Polygon network for MATIC deposits and withdrawals among its 20 million users in early September. Traders were only allowed to use the Ethereum blockchain for processing MATIC transactions previously.

The coin was last seen exchanging hands at $0.898 at the time of writing, up 1.37% on the prior day’s closing price. Still, MATIC’s 7-day trading history shows a 0.16% decline and a nearly 70% decline from its all-time high price of $2.90.

For a project that’s backed by popular billionaire investor Mark Cuban, Polygon’s native coin is clearly underperforming. Analysts predict prices to be hitting $3.97 by 2025, which represents a 400% increase from the current price.

But this margin is very small compared to what presale coins like The Hideaways (HDWY) are predicted to achieve.

Elon Musk Joins Uniswap (UNI) Joke on Twitter

In the latest Twitter banter, DOGE’s co-founder Billy Markus tweeted plans to dress as Binance’s Changpeng Zhao on Halloween and bring up Uniswap YouTube scams in conversations. To which Elon Musk replied with a joke of dressing up as a sink.

In the past, we have seen how Elon’s tweets could drive huge market attention to a coin and pump prices up. Looking at the latest charts, UNI is selling at $6.55 after a 2.22% increase in the past 24 hours.

But analysts are not betting big on the coin’s long-term potential. Aside from the increasing number of new decentralized exchanges, Uniswap does not carry much real-world utility and indicators are bearish.

UNI is forecasted to end the year at a September high of $9 in a bullish scenario. But a fall back to the $3.63 support level is possible if bears continue to lead.

The Hideaways (HDWY): Should You Invest in It?

The Hideaways (HDWY) may be a newcomer but investors have been flocking to the presale as the project has taken the crypto world by storm.

The luxury real estate investment platform is an answer to many traders’ dreams of venturing into the world of property acquisition which has been too costly to cover for regular investors.

In addition, the team have put together the best VIP package available in the crypto world right now and it’s generating huge hype. Gold, Platinum and Diamond tier membership comes with a $10k, $20k and $50k investment and the rewards on offer are game-changing.

Free 2 week 5* holidays with flights included, an annual private jet flight, access to a $50k a year luxury concierge service, exclusive off-market property deals and much more awaits.

With rewards like that, it’s easy to see why the price of the HDWY token is set to increase 100% in the next week alone, with analysts expecting gains to top 4,000% in 2022.