Metropoly NFT Marketplace The real estate market is one of the largest in the world, with a projected value of $5.8 trillion in 2030. Despite its vibrancy, illiquidity, and restrictions have been two of the market’s biggest deficiencies.

A new crypto project, Metropoly, is bringing an innovation to address these issues, allowing investors to easily earn from their properties and access the best assets for as low as $100.

Real Estate’s Liquidity Issue

The real estate space is known for its profitability and ability to generate cash flows, and it is primarily viewed as a space where investors can play safely and conveniently.

However, while this is true, real estate also has its demerits, and the most prominent is liquidity. Most people looking to sell their properties might have to wait a while, meaning they can’t rely on a real estate sale if they desperately need money.

Similarly, traditional real estate has an accessibility issue that prevents people from finding the best properties easily. This way, homeowners have to scrunch for extra cash in order to address this liquidity crisis.

While the real estate industry has not found a viable solution to this bottleneck, blockchain technology seems to be providing the needed panacea to an age-long project through the Metropoly network.

The Metropoly Solution

Metropoly is a blockchain-based platform that aims to address all of these issues by providing real estate investors with optimal liquidity and accessibility. The recently launched platform functions as a marketplace for real estate assets, bringing buyers and sellers together and allowing them to trade.

According to Metropoly’s whitepaper, 90% of real estate transactions are conducted offline and take months to complete. The platform is looking to speed up transactions and make them more scalable and flexible.

Furthermore, by democratizing the real estate space and making it more accessible to a wider audience, the platform hopes to infuse even more liquidity into the space and make it easier for investors to get value for their property ownership.

In Metropoly, real estate assets are valued and appraised by independent surveyors. They are then converted to non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and placed on the decentralized marketplace for investors to purchase.

Investors can begin with as little as $100 and gain access to hundreds of properties already listed for sale.

Metropoly goes to great lengths to ensure all assets traded on its platform are genuine real estate properties. Even better, the platform incorporates the principle of fractional ownership, allowing people to pool their resources and directly purchase properties.

The METRO Token

Like many other blockchain platforms, Metropoly uses a native token to power transactions. The METRO token will serve as the base for users to buy and sell their assets. Additionally, access to loans and other credit facilities through the Mortgage platform will be settled with METRO.

METRO is now available for presale as part of the initial rollout process. The digital asset has had a successful debut, raising over $544,000 in just a few weeks. This represents 54% of the minimum goal, bringing METRO one step closer to the end of its presale.

Interested investors can purchase by following these steps:

Set Up a Wallet

The first step will be getting a self-custodial wallet to store the tokens. This wallet will be used to swat cryptos for $METRO. We recommend Trust Wallet or MetaMask.

Connect the Wallet

Next, go to the Metropoly presale site and click on the “Connect Wallet button.” Select the right wallet option and follow the prompt to continue.

Choose a Payment Option

METRO can be purchased using ET, BNB, or USDT. Before proceeding, investors must ensure that their wallets have one of these three crypto assets.


The last step is to buy METRO tokens. Enter the amount of the $METRO tokens to purchase. Swap the tokens and claim them when the presale concludes.