Fight Out

Fight Out is bringing blockchain technology and cryptocurrency rewards to the fitness and health industry. Besides that, by participating in the platform’s FGHT token presale, investors can receive up to a 50% bonus on token purchases.

50% Bonus Available on FGHT Purchase

The Fight Out presale is currently underway, and investors can earn up to 50% more tokens even in the first stage.

With this presale, investors can choose between two separate bonuses of up to 25% each. One bonus will cover the purchase price, while the other will run for the token vesting period.

This bonus will be available after an investment of up to $50,000 in FGHT and a vesting period of at least 24 months. And, with the token currently trading at $0.01850 per unit, an investor would need to purchase approximately 3 million units of FGHT. This will give them access to an additional 1.5 million units, which they can lock up for the vesting period.

Get Fit, Earn Returns

Fight Out is a new blockchain platform looking to transform the fitness and health industry. The platform, unveiled in 2022, provides incentives to users in exchange for their commitment to an exercise and fitness regimen. It is the market’s most prominent new move-to-earn (M2E) platform and is set to gain a massive following with its juicy perks.

In Fight Out, players can sign up quickly through a mobile app. Once in, players would be able to select their fitness objectives and the parts of their bodies that they would like to exercise. They can then access exercise regimens and exclusive content to help them maintain and progress with their exercise.

Fight Out’s innovative technology also provides an avenue for promoting accountability in workouts. The platform allows users to track every part of their fitness, from exercise routines to strength gained and much more.

Even better, the platform provides a holistic approach to fitness by keeping tabs on users’ sleep, dietary and nutritional intake, and much more. The objective is to provide accountability and transparency, ensuring users can stay fit and healthier.

As users make progress, Fight Out will reward them with the REPS token. The in-app currency can be used to purchase items from the Fight Out store – from fitness apparel to supplements and courses on exercise.

REPS can also be used to pay for gym subscriptions, as Fight Out’s developers will be looking to create gyms in different metropolitan areas where users can come in and work on their fitness.

Another interesting future development will be the launch of the Fight Out metaverse. The platform will allow users to create their non-fungible token (NFT) avatars, which they can use to display their progress. In the Fight Out metaverse, players can also engage in competitions and other tournaments, which offer an added opportunity for socialization and earnings.

Buy the FGHT Token

While the REPS token is incredibly available, the platform’s FGHT token is the main prize. The digital asset can purchase subscriptions, earn discounts, and exchange for REPS.

As an added intrinsic value, FGHT is also a proof-of-stake (PoS) coin. Holders can stake the asset to earn passive income and get different perks and discounts on Fight Out.

The FGHT presale has already raised over $3.67 million, and investors can now purchase 1FGHT for $0.01850.

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Fight Out - Next 100x Move to Earn Crypto

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Fight Out
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Fight Out