Telegram is a social networking application not so dissimilar from WhatsApp, but with enhanced privacy features. When it comes to crypto, Telegram is one of the most popular apps for communication, and is a prerequisite for many projects to get off the ground.

Whether it be initial community incubation, growing a community, keeping them informed with announcement channels, or holding AMAs, Telegram can cater for a lot of the things that founders and project managers depend upon.

The IM app is not only useful for group chats, but also one-on-one messaging, and in many circles has completely come to replace other forms of social media.

Those who use Fiverr in search of graphic designers or developers to help build their projects will inevitably conduct a lot of the interviewing and hiring process over Telegram, and will continue their communications in the same way.

Crypto communities come in all shapes and forms on Telegram. There are small groups where people just chat to one another casually, there are larger groups where entire project communities can discuss with one another, there are offshoots from those groups that focus on particular aspects of a project such as the price or development, and there are “alpha” communities that often conduct AMAs for the aforementioned.

Twitter is more important for the NFT community

For the NFT community, the most important social media at the moment is Twitter. This shouldn’t be surprising, given that the purpose of 10k collections is to go as viral as possible, and Twitter is the perfect place to showcase one’s NFTs.

In order to most effectively leverage the network effects of Twitter, people use NFTs as their profile pictures and follow others in their community. This allows the community to grow and for people to effectively coordinate themselves with one another.

In an effort to help their NFTs go viral, these communities work to promote themselves and one another, which lends itself very well to the Twitter feed, but wouldn’t work so well on Telegram.

Discord is more important for DAOs

Decentralised Automonous Organisations (DAOs) have another focus in mind. If Bitcoin represents the dematerialisation of stores of value then it could be said that Ethereum, as “digital oil”, represents an opportunity to dematerialise all sorts of other things.

In the case of DAOs, one of the things being dematerialised is office space. Since it is therefore important to coordinate the various aspects of a company in a completely new light, there is a need for greater organisation – something that Telegram struggles to achieve.

Telegram’s simplistic UI means that the UX is useful for what it does, but not for more complicated forms of discussion. DAOs often have several different channels for several different purposes.

For example, a DAO may have a channel for general discussion, a channel for token holders, a channel for discussion over the treasury, one for strategy, one for products, etc. They may eve have the facility for hosting several different languages within one server.

Certainly, as projects scale, they often migrate their communities from Telegram to Discord, since there is more that they can do with the app, and in a more transparent way.

Lens Protocol hopes to reshape social media

Lens Protocol, a new project started by the founder of Aave, Stani Kulechov, hopes to decentralise social media in a manner. If Lens succeeds at its goals, then it will most likely be an extremely useful dApp that is tailored for perfection to the cryptosphere.

If Lens protocol succeeds, then the ideal may have been achieved for social media: people will be able to own their own data and interactions, log in with their Ethereum wallets, and have total control over these things are used – in an age of Zuckerberg, addressing concerns of those who fear megalomaniacs is more important than ever.

Thus, it remains to be seen whether or not this reputation that Telegram has gained will persist. Certainly, Telegram is one of the few places where British residents still have some access to foreign news sources such as Russia Today, and can read information about subjects that have been censored by the WHO on more mainstream platforms. Whether or not it can maintain such influence in crypto, or whether alternatives will steal market share, remains to be seen.

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