The play to earn sensation Tamadoge has been rising in popularity over the past few weeks, and their presale has now shot past the $12m mark, as the presale enters its final stages. The Tamadoge war chest, thus named since it funds the future development of Tamadoge, has been growing consistently, and Tamadoge now appears to be nearing the end of the presale.

The Tamadoge war chest has now reached $12m

The Tamadoge war chest is growing – the more that the team at Tamadoge raise at their presale, the more funds they will be able to deploy into actively developing the project going forward.

Despite the recent price declines in the Bitcoin and Ethereum markets, and the consequent downfall that this had meant for the rest of the market more broadly, the Tamadoge presale has been performing well, and investors have been flocking consistently to the presale to become a part of the project.

The price rises in stages until the end of the presale

In order to encourage people to buy early, and to reward those who do so, the Tamadoge presale is being conducted in such a way that the price of TAMA rises throughout the presale.

This dynamic means that people who buy in earlier are rewarded and people who buy in later have to pay higher prices for their TAMA.

Once the presale is completed, 50% of all TAMA will have been sold to the community, 20% are to be used to liquidity, and the remaining 30% is to be gradually unlocked over the course of 10 years in order to further the development of the ecosystem.

Currently, we are six weeks into the presale and only 30% of the tokens are remaining.

The Tamadoge roadmap

Given the long vesting time for team equity, it is clear that they are interested in participating in the ecosystem over the longer term.

10 years is a long time for the team to be committed to the project, so it is important that they continue to build and develop on the various items in their roadmap.

Some of the most exciting parts of the roadmap include the upcoming Tamaverse, which is a custom-built metaverse designed for the Tamadoge community. Within it, people will be able to take care of their virtual pets and do a whole range of games with them.

This is in addition the AR and VR functionality that Tamadoge is implementing, which will allow their users to artificially superimpose their digital pets on the physical world.

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  • '10x - 50x Potential' - CNBC Report
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