The play to earn gaming ecosystem Tamadoge has been causing quite the stir in the cryptocurrency community as of late, with the nexus of gaming, puppies, memes and the metaverse all culminating in a bullish community intent on rivalling dominant projects such as Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. Today, it was announced that TAMA would be launching on the OKX exchange.

Tamadoge have just announced OKX listing

Previously, the team at Tamadoge had hinted that there may be a tier one exchange listing on the horizon, but until today the community had been made aware of which one.

Today, it was announced that Tamadoge is to be listing on OKX, one of the largest and most reputable exchanges in cryptocurrency industry.

Trading on the exchange will go live on Tuesday the 27th at 11:00 UTC.

This is an extremely impressive place for Tamadoge to have its IEO, given that OKX ranks as the second most popular cryptocurrency exchange with daily volumes regularly in excess of $2 billion.

TAMA will also be listing on the OKX Dex

Unfortunately, not all users around the world are able to access OKX, given that there are a range of different requires for AML and KYC procedures and OKX is not available for people in every jurisdiction.

Consequently, TAMA will also be listing on the OKX Dex, which is open to anyone and everyone.

This listing will also take place on the 27th, but at 17:00 UTC rather than 11:00 UTC.

Presale tokens can be claimed on 27th September at 8am BST

The team at Tamadoge has now announced that those who participated in the Tamadoge presale will soon be able to claim their tokens.

The Tamadoge presale lasted six weeks and was a huge success, having raised $19m to fund and develop the project going forward.

The presale was conducted in a series of stages, with initial investors purchasing TAMA at $0.01, and the price rising to $0.03 by the end, meaning that early investors will already have multiplied their investment several times over.

Today, the team made the announcement in Telegram that those who participated in the TAMA presale will be able to claim their tokens from the 27th September, at 8am BST.

Price is expected to perform well after launch

Many analysts are predicting strong gains after the launch of Tamadoge upon the initial listing.

The popularity of Tamadoge is almost unparalleled, and the raise is particularly impressive when one considers that most other projects are floundering at this stage of the bear market.

Nevertheless, the team at Tamadoge has managed to curate and sustain consistent momentum, and this is reflected in the positivity and cohesion of the community.

Tamadoge pet store coming in Q4 2022

The lead game developer, Thomas Seabrook, is currently managing the development and design of the game whilst Carl Dawkins is working as the head of growth for the project.

The Tamadoge team is currently working diligently to fulfil the next steps of the roadmap, most notably the upcoming Tamadoge pet store later this year.

The Tamadoge pet store will be one of the first parts of the Tamaverse, and will allow users to trade accumulate TAMA and NFTs.

Those who wish to participate more actively in the community, and who wish to stay up to date with all of the latest project developments at Tamadoge ought to join the Telegram community.

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