tamadoge 11 million rasied

Play-to-Earn meme coin Tamadoge has amassed $11 million in four weeks, achieving astounding fundraising success for the early-stage project.

The fundraise is even more remarkable given the challenging climate for digital assets currently as the crypto winter drags on.

This latest milestone follows on from Tamadoge hitting $10 million mark just two days ago.

Tamadoge presale shows plenty of appetite for quality crypto games projects

Tamadoge’s fundraising success is testament to the fact that there is still plenty of appetite among crypto investors for quality products.

The nascent project has now beaten the fundraising of STEPN, which raised $9.2 million from investors including FTX. Tamadoge is on track to surpass the success of the move to earn app.

Although the backers of the project remain something of a mystery, the project has brought on board Thomas Seabrook as lead games developer and Carl Dawkins as head of growth – both experienced players in the crypto industry.

There are even rumours that high profile backers might include Elon Musk.

Combining the fun of Tamagotchi with the profit potential of NFT-powered P2E gaming

Tamadoge is combining the fun of tamagotchi with the play-to-earn mechanics made possible with NFT technology applied to gaming.

Earlier this week the project completed the sixth phase on the project in which the coin was priced at 1 USDT to 44 TAMA. The price has since increased, to 1 USDT buying 40 TAMA.

There will be nine tranches of token sales in all, with the price increasing at each stage. 711 million tokens have been sold so far out of a total of 1 billion that are available in the presale out of a total supply of 2 billion.

tamadoge 11 million dollars

Here is the remaining pricing schedule as the Tamadoge presale marches on to its hard cap target of $19 million:

Presale stage 7 / 100m 

Price 0.02500 = 13.25M$ 


Presale stage 8 / 100m

1 USDT:36.36 TAMA!
Price 0.02750 = 16M$


Presale stage 9 / 100m 

1 USDT:33.33 TAMA
Price 0.03000 19M$


Tamadoge revolves around the idea of nurturing your Tamadoge Pet by feeding and clothing it and generally looking after NFT-minted pet.

The better a player is at bringing up their pet, the more Dogepoints rewards can be earned as the player’s charge moves up the leaderboard.

Pets will also be able to battle each other, again with P2E rewards for the most successful and skilled fighters.

In the Games Arcade there will be all manner of  P2E games available to play in order to keep users engaged and coming back for more.

Tamadoge is building its very own Tamaverse

The fun doesn’t stop there though. Tamadoge is planning to build its very own metaverse games world – the Tamaverse – where you can interact with your pet in an augmented reality environment. The app will be available next year.

Before then, the leaderboards will be launched later this year in which the Pets will be accessible in a 2D web environment. Each pet NFT will have an associated 3D avatar rigged up for the Tamaverse.

Unlike most other meme coins, Tamadoge actually has utility value and is not just a cute image, although the interface we have seen so far suggests that it is that too. Tamadoge is shaping up to be more than a match of competitors such Aavegotchi and Shiba Inu.

Rewards are paid from the transaction fees generated in the Tamadoge Pet Store.

Find out more about Tamadoge in this Channel Africa interview station interview

With $11 million raised and less than eight million to go, it won’t be too long before the TAMA token is trading on exchanges and the ecosystem is inviting in its first players.

To find out more about Tamadoge why not check out this interview with Tamadoge’s Carl Dawkins on the Business Africa Show conducted by Channel Africa anchor Naledi Moleo. The interview went out live on 31 August.

Channel Africa radio station is a brand of the South Africa Broadcasting Corporation. Click the link below to listen to the recording/podcast:


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