Meme coin Tamadoge (TAMA), the Play-to-Earn (P2E) metaverse crypto game ecosystem, has raised $504,000 in its days-old beta sale – the buying frenzy is picking up steam ahead of a presale price increase.

The latest meme coin on the block is pitching itself as the meme coin with real utility value, and it looks like it could be onto something.

tamadoge beta sale 500k achieved

With Tamadoge you can breed, train and battle with your pet on an augmented reality (AR) mobile app, and later with a full-blown 3D avatar rig-up of your pet in a VR metaverse (that the project is dubbing “the tamaverse”), all in interoperable and infinitely extendable games ecosystem. 

Tamadoge is undergoing a soft launch beta sale of its TAMA token – a sale that is barely 11 days old and has seen little to no marketing. 

The Tamadoge beta sale – basically a private sale but open to everyone – is time-limited, with only 24 days left to go to raise $2 million before the token price rises 25%. In total the project is aiming to raise $10 million in its presale. 

Tamadaoge beta presale – 37,000 returns like Dogecoin?

On the evidence of the beta sale’s current progress, Tamadoge is already gaining traction by word of mouth, as the pace of buying in the beta sale is clearly accelerating.

No doubt buyers are being inspired by the prospect of being able to bag 37,000% profits – that was how much return on investment (ROI) early contributors to Dogecoin made.

There are rumours that the explosive buying has been set in motion by behind the scenes whales? Some have speculated that the promoters and developers behind the project may have been involved in other highly successful meme coin launches.

Is Elon Musk buying Tamadoge?

Who knows at this stage, but Tamadoge could be just the sort of meme coin that the likes of Elon Musk could be interested in.

In fact here’s a pic of Elon with his very own baby Tamadoge:

tamadoge meme lion king

Clearly, investors think that similar 1,000x-plus gains are a distinct possibility, but even a fraction of the previously seen meme coin price appreciation witnessed for Doge and Shiba Inu would bring rich rewards.

But underlying the bullish sentiment is likely the fact that Tamadoge is not selling vapourware – instead it is a project that is building a tangible product that is neither based on a joke and nothing else or a derived doge name and nothing else.

Tamadoge is a game that casual gamers will want to play

Tamadoge is a NFT-P2E-Metaverse mash up of Tamagotchi – they used to be a thing a couple of decades ago – and the Doge world.

Like all good ideas Tamadoge seems simple enough, but then again why did no one else think of it? 

Best to get in before the price explosion as this coin is sure to bark real loud. 

The roadmap says you will be able to mint your pet in Q4 2022, when the beta version of the app will be bounding out of the developers’ kennels. 

Solving the problem with Play-toEarn: making  games fun to play

Ultimately, Tamadoge is the killer app of meme coins that will be fun to play, so play and earn, not boring and skill-less play to earn.

Tamadoge aims to engage its users and keep them entranced, as they become invested in the life of their pet and all that they the owner can do for them.

Tamadoge is based on the premise that meme coins should do something useful. In that regard, it is the first of its kind, or should we say best of breed.

News emerged last week that Shiba Inu is now supported on Binance Card, so to be fair, there is some development of sorts going on in the meme coin space.

Also, Shiba now has a DEX called Shibaswap. But this is all pretty meagre gruel by comparison to what Tamadoge has in mind.

tamadoge meme moon

Deflationary token tapping into real revenue streams

TAMA boasts price-supporting deflationary economics. Combined with that is a solid revenue stream to fund P2E rewards from the transaction fees on game assets bought and sold in its Tamadoge Store.

Add to that, the AR and VR vision as it partners with other metaverse platforms, and a fair assessment would say that Tamadoge is very well-placed to cut itself a generous slice of the $5 trillion opportunity that this new computing paradigm will become by 2030, according to consultancy McKinsey.

If you want to take part in the beta sale you have only 24 days before the price goes up. You will need either USDT or ETH to buy TAMA. There is currently no minimum or maximum amount that you can buy.

Simply connect your Metamask or Trust Wallet at the page. If you are connecting on a mobile device, then use the built-in browser that comes with your wallet.  Fill in how many TAMA you wish to buy then click “convert”.

Head back to when the presale has ended to claim your tokens. The wonders of decentralised finance! DYOR.

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