Tamadoge’s native token, TAMA, is set to be listed on Gate.io this week. Gate.io is a leading cryptocurrency exchange where investors can trade, stake, and buy digital assets. Coinmarketcap ranks Gate.io as the 15th most popular exchange based on trade volume.

Gate.io Listing – All Systems Go!

Tamadoge’s developers have recently been attracting investors’ attention by announcing they may be listed on an exchange. It was confirmed last week that Gate.io, a Hong Kong-based centralized exchange, would list the digital asset next.

In less than a month after launching, Tamadoge has already partnered with four major exchanges, making it quite appealing to investors. MEXC, OKX, and LBank are just a few of the big names that have already listed TAMA for retail trading.

Exchange listings are usually a catalyst for new coins to grow and increase their investor appeal. And as TAMA prepares to list on Gate.io, investors would want to keep an eye on the digital asset’s price.

Gate.io is one of the market’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, with 10+ million users and almost $1 billion daily trading volumes. The platform’s huge investor base and liquidity should be strong catalysts for a TAMA price surge.

Incoming Tamadoge Launch Pumps TAMA Investors

Among the main reasons for the possibility of a TAMA pump is that the Tamadoge platform is due to launch in a short time frame.

A team of Tamadoge developers has been working on the launch of the platform and bringing the game to life. In light of that, several non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have already been dropped. Investors can purchase these tokens directly on OpenSea, one of the best marketplaces, and hold them in anticipation of the Tamadoge game launch.

Likewise, Tamadoge’s developers confirm that another testing phase has taken place. Per an announcement last week, Tamadoge’s developers have tested two alternate battle arenas – Tama City and Doge Desert. Players will be able to battle their digital pets in these locations directly.

The announcement also included progress on the Tamadoge Arcade – the major platform where games will be played.

Blockchain Gaming’s Next Big Thing

Tamadoge is a gaming system that has many investors excited. The platform combines NFTs with the metaverse, allowing players to purchase NFTs representing digital pets and battle with them. In the Tamadoge universe, players can groom and outfit their pets with the latest fashion trends and kits. These will be tradable as NFTs in the platform’s in-app marketplace.

As expected, players get to earn money once they win battles in Tamadoge. Winnings will be paid out in TAMA, and now that the asset is being listed on more centralized exchanges, winners will have no issues selling their tokens for actual money.

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