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Tamadoge Lists on Bybit Thursday April 27th, CEO Celebrates With Huge TAMA Giveaway And Says More CEXs and App Launch in ‘Near Future’

Wednesday April 26th 2023 – Popular play-to-earn meme coin Tamadoge now has among the highest trading volumes of any meme coin in crypto and is the only top meme in recent days that has been trading in the green on a seven-day view.


The dramatic increase in interest in the coin follows news of its Bybit listing, which takes place tomorrow (Thursday April 27th) at 08:00 am UTC.

Bybit TAMA Listing – Start Earning From the Giveaway Prize Pool of 4,000,000 TAMA

Please take note of these Giveaway dates – more information here on the Bybit TAMA listing announcement page.


26 April 10:00 AM UTC Deposits Open and we’ll run a Deposit to Earn giveaway

27 April 8:00 AM UTC Innovation Zone Listing Open + Trade to Earn giveaway


28 April 10:00 AM UTC Withdrawals open

TAMA Trading Volume is Surging

Tamadoge currently boasts the eighth-highest 24-hour trading volume out of all meme coins, beating out the likes of Dogelon Mars.


In another sign of TAMA’s swelling popularity, on Tuesday it was the only top meme coin trading in positive territory, up 58%, while Dogecoin and Shiba Inu were 15% and 11% lower, respectively.

Deluge of New Buyers Preparing for Bybit Listing Fuel Price Rebound

The ‘buy the rumor, sell the news’ price action that came in the wake of the listing announcement on the 24th, has been followed by a strong bounce as new buyers enter.


Heightened added price volatility has helped to build volume in the trading pairs across all exchanges. Although there are of course peaks and troughs, according to coinmarketcap data, Tamadoge 24-hour trading volume has hit a near-term high of more than $14.75 million.


Dubai-based Bybit is the third-ranked exchange with a top score of 10, according to the latest data from top data site CoinGecko.


It should also be noted that the exchange’s daily trading volume has been trending higher over the past couple of days, up from around $500 million to $706 million currently.


The exchange attracts monthly visits of more than 20 million, which will provide a huge boost to the Tamadoge community.


Investors will also be reassured by the fact that it publishes reserves data to provide its clients with the added security of knowing all deposits are safe and accounted for.

TAMA Price Gearing Up to Break Resistance at $0.032

In the run up to the Bybit listing announcement, the TAMA token price saw gains in excess of 200%. Profit-taking by day traders saw the price fall back, as mentioned, but that has the effect of adding more air to the furnace, to power the next leg higher.


TAMA has tested resistance at $0.032 and temporarily overcame it. Now it is poised to smash that crucial level and flip it to support.

The meme coin’s price channel points to a bullish trajectory ahead. On a conservative view, by early May the price will be gearing up to attack$ 0.10, a hugely significant milestone as it devours a decimal space.

Of course the price could pump much higher than that in short order, such is the level of excitement the coin is generating.


Buyers should not be surprised by a parabolic move in the price that breaks out of the channel in a race to reclaim the all-time high at $0.19. That would represent a near 10x return on investment for today’s buyers.


Supporting the overall bullish thesis is not just the strong volumes and the Bybit listing contributing to positive sentiment, but also the prospect of further exchange listings in the near future.

Tamadoge CEO Jon Bishop: “Tamadoge is not a flash-in-the-pan meme coin”

Commenting on the upcoming Bybit listing and future plans Tamadoge CEO Jon Bishop said: “The trading volume surge shows to the crypto community at large that Tamadoge is not a flash in the pan meme coin.”


Bishop is a gaming industry heavyweight who was previously the head of mobile at the top children’s games publisher Outright Games.


“We have always said we are about product – we are a utility-packed meme coin with a mission to deliver scalable mass market Web3 gaming,” explains Bishop.


“Like ChatGPT, we can’t predict the future, but we can say that we are putting in place all the essentials for growth, and in a way that no other crypto gaming project is.


“We have released five arcade games that have secured more than 26,000 unique users – more than that of top crypto projects such as Decentraland and The Sandbox combined.

Tamadoge Mobile App Slated for May, More Top 5 CEXs Coming in ‘Near Future’ Says CEO

Bishop continued: “Our developers continue to work hard on building our mobile app, which we hope to release in beta sometime in May. The Tamadoge Pet Store will also be available as soon as next month. TAMA holders will then be able to start staking.”


“And that’s not all. Today I can confirm that we will be listing in the near future at least two more top 5 exchanges. The deals have been signed and we are just fitting them into our marketing schedule for maximum momentum impact,” Bishop added.


“Play-to-earn doesn’t have to be difficult to enter, boring or expensive to play. In fact we are already delivering the exact opposite of all of those things, with games that provide a frictionless on-ramp, are fun to play, addictive and rewarding all at the same time.


“Alo, our full augmented reality-featured app will take meme coins into the Tamaverse and is on schedule for release later this year.”


Bishop finished by thanking the community. “Hopefully everyone is staying in the loop with project news by visiting our live public roadmap. Stay tuned because we will have lots more updates for our loyal community as we build out the future of gaming.


“Thank you for being our loyal supporters and our best marketers. Successful games products with estaying are about building communities. With your help, that’s exactly what we are doing.”

Buy Into the Future of Gaming with Tamadoge

Tamadoge is the meme coin to watch right now. So much so that analysts are predicting the TAMA price to pump.


TAMA can already be bought on 17 centralized exchanges and from tomorrow (Thursday April 27th) on Bybit too, making 18 exchanges in all, with more to come.
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