The play to earn gaming sensation Tamadoge has once again been making headlines after releasing their new arcade game To The Moon.

Tamadoge’s new game To The Moon launched yesterday

To The Moon is the third instalment in the Tamadoge arcade and is riding high on the success of the previous games, all of which have been celebrated by the community with thousands of hours of cumulative gameplay already.

Those who participate in the game will have the opportunity to win a variety of prizes denominated in the TAMA token, particularly those who spend the most time and are the most proficient at gameplay.

What is Tamadoge?

After raising $19m in the largest presale ever for a meme token, Tamadoge burst onto the scene in late 2022 and since then has been setting the standard for building P2E games in this niche.

Thus far, the team have been diligently rolling out a series of games for the Tamadoge Arcade, to the delight of TAMA investors.

Tamadoge aims to take shots at some of the largest meme tokens in the space such as Shiba Inu and Floki, both of which (particularly the latter) have been performing well as of late.

Tamadoge now listed on a variety of exchanges

In addition to fulfilling many of the promises that the team outlined in their roadmap, and hiring industry titans such as Ozan Daldal to work on game development, and the appointment of Jon Bishop as the Tamadoge CEO, the team have also been focused on how to ensure that Tamadoge lists on some of the largest exchanges.

Thus far, the TAMA token is currently listed on Uniswap, BKEX, OKX, BitMart, MEXC Global and CoinEx, which has done wonders for the liquidity and availability to trade the token.

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