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Tamadoge has now been making the headlines for several months as one of the boldest new entrants into the world of memes and metaverses, and has now concluded its presale, during which it successfully raised $19m. Next up for the token is a series of Cex listings, which some speculators reckon could rocket the TAMA price out of the gate when trading goes live.

Tamadoge completed its presale and raised $19m

The play to earn gaming sensation Tamadoge has just completed its presale, having raised an impressive $19m, after a whale entered the presale in the final stages to buy 55.8 ETH worth of TAMA.

Investors are keen on the success of the project and have lofty expectations of the team, especially given that the size of the presale was so large.

Upcoming exchange listings

It has been announced that there will be a series of exchange listings now that the presale has been concluded. The first exchange that will list TAMA is to be Uniswap, which is a decentralised exchange that uses an AMM model in order to determine price. Anyone can add liquidity, and anyone can trade on Uniswap with ease and without filling out KYC and AML checks. This will make it very easy for people to accumulate TAMA.

After this, it has been announced that Tamadoge will shortly be listing on the LBank exchange, which is a large and well-resourced exchange with lots of liquidity and lots of users in over 100 countries around the world. LBANK is a fully regulated exchange, and the listing could be extremely beneficial for the price of TAMA.

It has also been announced that on the Friday 23rd September, at 12pm BST, there will be an announcement of a tier one exchange listing.

Tier one exchanges are some of the largest centralised exchanges in the world and listing on these exchanges is extremely important for future price appreciation.

When the listing occurs, TAMA will be exposed to a far larger audience than it has ever had before, and this means that more people than ever will be able to buy and speculate on the price of TAMA, as well as participate in the wider ecosystem.

How to claim tokens bought at the presale

Now that the presale has concluded, it is almost time for people to claim the TAMA that they purchased.

Investors should head to the Tamadoge website and enter the details on the main page.

Those who have participated in the presale will soon be able to claim their tokens, and instructions over how to do this will be released over the coming days across social media, including Telegram, Discord, and Email.

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