IMPT is a significant asset in the crypto market. It is the first to be affiliated with a project focusing solely on optimizing environmental sustainability. The digital asset could easily be the most profitable going into 2023.

Impact Project – Carbon Credits for a Sustainable World

IMPT is the native token for Impact Project, a blockchain-based platform that facilitates the trade of carbon credits. Impact Project provides an opportunity for both businesses and individuals to buy carbon credits and trade them across a liquid and highly reliable medium.

Blockchain technology has been one of the most innovative concepts of the past few years, but its ties to crypto mining and transactions have seen many criticize it for being unhealthy for the planet. Over the past few years, there have been greater calls by many in the crypto and blockchain market to transform the technology into a greener version of itself. Impact Project is looking to answer a pressing, immediate need.

The platform’s developers noticed an important deficiency in the carbon credit market. States controlled the issuance of credits, and the process was slow and inefficient. As a result of the state-controlled process, it has also been difficult for people to gain access to these credits, which has reduced their willingness to participate in the market.

Impact Project makes it incredibly easy to participate in this industry. Through Impact Project, anyone can purchase carbon credits to offset their carbon footprint while also knowing that their funds will fund environmentally sustainable projects. It also converts credits to non fungible tokens (NFTs), allowing investors to sell them easily. Credit holders can also trade or burn their tokens, essentially removing them from circulation.

Partnering With Global Brands

Impact Project has also taken an innovative approach to sustainability by partnering with several major brands. The initiative has an affiliate network that contains well over 25,000 companies, some of them are retailers, and the network currently has major names like Nike, Amazon, Dyson, GameStop, and Netflix.

The point of these partnerships is to make it easy for any company to integrate Impact Project into their operations and allow their customers to invest. By integrating with the shopping platform, Impact Project provides an easy way for interested individuals and businesses to access carbon credits more seamlessly.

Customers are rewarded for their participation using the IMPT token, while other companies are incentivized to do the same.

IMPT – The Perfect ESG Investment

As investors continue to look for the best coins to buy in 2023, Impact Project’s IMPT token could easily be the perfect asset to choose from. The asset is one of the best-performing presales in the market at the moment, raising over $13.4 million in less than three months. The asset’s ability to do so in a bear market is especially impressive – and it shows that many investors in the market are interested in saving the planet too.

For investors looking to get into environmental, social, and governmental (ESG) investing, IMPT is the ideal asset to have. The IMPT presale is divided into different stages. The token’s value will rise with each stage, and while it trades at $0.023 right now, its price will surge to $0.028 at the next stage.

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