sustainableThe Impact Project is focused improving the state of carbon credits, such that individuals are incentivised to shop with companies that are socially responsible and sustainable, and companies are consequently incentivised to behave in a socially responsible way if they want consumers to buy their products.

Carbon credits on the blockchain are more sustainable and transparent

The current way that carbon credits are managed is that they are done entirely through an antiquated system of trading and almost exclusively between companies rather than individuals.

Carbon credits are issued by the state in an attempt to force companies to reduce their carbon emissions, or for it to become economically unfeasible for companies to continue to pollute.

The current system by which carbon credits are traded is extremely antiquated, and the lack of efficiency isn’t sustainable. By placing carbon credits on-chain, they can be traded 24/7 by anyone with an Internet connection, and the entire process can be done transparently.

Capitalising on the exploding ESG industry

The trend of investing in ESG companies has been one of the most noticeable in the past few years, with companies around the world being mandated to invest in companies that score highly on the metrics of environmental, social, and [corporate] governance.

The trend isn’t expected to abate any time soon, with the entire industry expected to grow to over $30 trillion by 2030, according to Broadridge Financial Solutions.

Elon Musk, one of the wealthiest men in the world, has generated a substantial portion of his fortune from the sale of carbon credits: in the few quarters that Tesla has actually managed to be a profitable company, this was almost exclusively thanks the fact that company was able to sell their surplus carbon credits (which they didn’t need to redeem because they aren’t as pollutant as their competitors).

IMPT hopes to capitalise on this booming industry over the course of the coming years, and thus far has been having great success.

The presale has now raised $12m

The IMPT presale has been a huge success thus far and has gone from strength to strength, now having raised in excess of $12m for their goal of changing the carbon credits markets for the better.

Those who wish to participate in the presale can do so on the IMPT website, where it is in ongoing. The presale is being conducted in stages, which means that those who participate in the presale at earlier levels will be able to

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