Super Bowl Wasn't Free of Crypto After All as DigiDaigaku NFT Game Gives Away Free Money

This year’s Super Bowl was meant to be free of crypto commercials, with Fox News saying that it would not air any ads related to the digital asset industry. However, Limit Break’s commercial still aired during the event, with the NFT-powered gaming project running a DigiDaigaku NFT giveaway.

Limit Break gives away free NFTs during the Super Bowl

Blockchain gaming startup Limit Break had early last month announced that it would be giving away 10,000 free DigiDaigaku non-fungible tokens (NFTs) during the Super Bowl. The startup announced that it would run a commercial with a QR code to give people access to free digital collectibles.

The DigiDaigaku NFTs promote a mobile fantasy game by the company. These NFTs can enhance gameplay within the title or be traded on NFT marketplaces. The startup spent $6.5 million on the Super Bowl ad to boost the popularity of its upcoming mobile game.

Despite being a startup, Limit Break has attracted much interest from investors, with the Super Bowl ad being a marketing strategy to bring this game in front of a broader audience. In August last year, the company secured $200 million in funding.

It appears as if the free NFTs were a success, as they were being actively traded in the secondary market shortly after the mint. Shortly after the free NFT mint, the DigiDaigaku Dragon Eggs NFTs traded at over 0.5ETH, valued at more than $750. However, the NFTs have reported increased price volatility.

At the time of writing, the floor price of these NFTs on OpenSea was 0.3ETH. Since the Super Bowl commercial run, these NFTs have reported trading volumes of 1,092 ETH. The data from OpenSea also shows that the trading volumes have been rapidly dropping.

Limit Break’s Super Bowl ad faces criticism

Limit Break broke the record for airing a crypto ad during the Super Bowl despite the growing scrutiny over the sector. Unfortunately, most of crypto Twitter has criticized how this commercial aired.

The viewers said that after scanning the QR code on the screen, they were redirected to the Twitter profile of Limit Break’s co-founder and CEO, Gabriel Leydon. The website that the code led to redirected people to Leydon’s Twitter profile, with some users even missing the details of the first page.

“I dropped everything to watch the Super Bowl for a 30-second ad that was supposed to bring generational wealth from a free mint, and all I got was the opportunity to follow a Mfer on Twitter,” one user complained.

The other criticism of the ad involves Leydon tweeting a link to the mint even before the Super Bowl commercial aired. Others have also complained that the mint process was not easy for users who were not conversant with crypto products and services because viewers needed an Ethereum wallet to claim the free NFT.

Pseudonymous YouTuber Popeye also criticized Leydon, saying that he had spent millions on the commercial only to leak the link on Twitter and rug the public on their first NFT experience. He noted that the commercial would have been massive if the onboarding process was easy and did not need wallet creation.

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