Unlike many other crypto projects, C+Charge intends to provide practical value with a real-world use case for environmental improvement by powering a network that will contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions and their harmful impacts on the ecosystem.

The utility token, $CCHG, which will be used to power the C+Charge economy, has raised over $562,000 in presale value.

Saving the Environment With Blockchain Technology

Launched in late 2022, C+Charge is developing a robust peer-to-peer payment facility for EV charging stations. There are currently not enough electric charging stations to support the rising number of electric vehicles (EVs). Despite the projected rapid growth of electric vehicles, the charging and payment infrastructure is insufficient to accommodate the growth required for widespread adoption.

EV manufacturers, drivers, and owners do not yet receive carbon credits like charging station owners, customers are not currently charged per the standard, and the payment gateways used by various charging stations need to be more consistent. To address these practical problems, C+Charge has developed a blockchain-based solution and offers a dynamic utility coin with practical applications.

The primary goal of C+Charge is to provide a superior EV charging experience to encourage and support the transition to sustainable electric mobility by making the process simple and rewarding, removing existing barriers to growth for the EV community and token holders.

C+Charge aims to create technologies that will facilitate and promote the mobility of all people and goods through clean electric power while also providing drivers and token holders with access to benefits previously only available to large corporations.

Besides car manufacturers, the project team also wants the average car owner to benefit from carbon credits. Electric vehicle owners will receive electronic wallets containing the platform’s native token, CCHG, allowing them to pay their charge fees and earn free carbon credits.

Simplified Process for Users Wherever They Are

The C+Charge mobile app will serve as the central hub for all EV charging needs. In addition to managing payments, the app will handle all end-to-end charging process operations. The app’s features include a carbon credit tracker, payment options, finding charging stations, and current prices.

Users are assigned individual electronic wallets, which can be accessed via the C+Charge app. The C+Charge payment system is powered by the C+Charge utility token, and token holders will also earn carbon credits.

$CCHG Token: The C Charge Economy Driving Force

In line with most crypto projects, the C+Charge offers the CCHG token, which powers the entire ecosystem. With this, users will be able to pay for EV charges at relevant stations and participate in broader network activities.

The CCHG is in its first presale stage and has raised over $388,000 in investor funds. The token currently sells for $0.013, and once the set price is reached, stage 1 will end, and stage 2 will begin, with the token price increasing to $0.0165.

The centralized exchange listing will go live on March 31, 2023. Therefore, interested investors can get into the wave and acquire the token early.

C+Charge has planned a four-stage presale for the token. To purchase the token, users must have a MetaMask wallet or another wallet supported by Wallet Connect installed on their browser – C+Charge recommends Trust Wallet. The token can be obtained via a desktop browser using Metamask or a mobile device using Trust Wallet and connecting via the built-in browser.

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