Stardust, which provides developer tools primarily for creating blockchain-based online games, announced yesterday that it had raised $30 million in a fundraising round for Framework Ventures’ cryptocurrency business.

Distributed Worldwide, Blockchain Funds, and Acrew Cash have all participated in the Series A round. Although Stardust refused to disclose its new valuation figures, it did state that it was higher than previous fundraising rounds.

CryptoKitties By Canadian firm Dapper Labs

Canaan Linder, Chief Government Officer, founded the Palo Alto, California-based firm in 2018. In an interview, he stated that he first learned about blockchain when he came across CryptoKitties. Players can buy, sell, breed, and trade digital cats. He also has experience in the tech industry from his time as a software package engineer at Bloomberg LP.

He continued by saying he was initially drawn to the game because of his admiration for Yu-Gi-Oh!, a Japanese manga series created by Kazuki Takahashi. His favorite card, the Stardust Dragon, inspired him to invest in playing cards. He then gave his company that name.

However, Linder believes his enjoyment of his CryptoKitties isn’t always the best. He also claimed that user experience has been difficult for software developers, including me.

His goal is to make it easier to develop more user-friendly virtual games, such as those built on blockchains like Solana and Polygon and encrypted like NFTs. His 40-person team manages Stardust. Despite declining venture capital investments in cryptocurrency firms, he has continued supporting NFT gaming startups.

Michael Anderson, a co-founder of Framework Ventures, claimed that his organization invested in Stardust because he thought it would assist in developing blockchain gaming, even for players of traditional games. ” He further said,

There’s no level of infrastructure that can connect between the Web2 players and the Website3.”

IMPT has Pulled in $6 Million in Less Than 3 Weeks

A new environmentally friendly cryptocurrency project, IMPT, has raised over $6 million in just two weeks since its presale began. The project’s goal is to facilitate the buying and selling of carbon credits, which businesses use to compensate for their carbon output, by the general public in an effort to mitigate the global climate crisis.

Over ten thousand stores, including major names like Amazon and Microsoft, have joined the initiative. Companies can buy “carbon credits,” which are essentially permits to emit greenhouse gases, and use the money they earn to pay for environmental projects.

Over half of the initial supply of tokens for $0.018 has already been purchased during the presale. There will be two subsequent phases where the price goes up, first to $0.023 and then to $0.028.

IMPT - New Eco Friendly Crypto

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