Sorare vs Battle Infinity

The fantasy sports industry is currently valued at about $21 billion, with the potential to grow over 4x in the next decade. This growth potential has led to the entry of several platforms, including Battle Infinity and Sorare. However, many sports enthusiasts believe that Battle Infinity’s vision would yield more crypto returns.

Sorare – Making Trading Cards Fun

Sorare is a football platform that allows fans to partake in easy and engaging fantasy gaming. The platform, built on the Ethereum blockchain, allows players to buy, sell, and trade digital cards representing footballers. Participants can also manage a virtual team, competing with other players to earn points.

Each soccer team has five primary positions: goalie, defender, midfielder, striker, and substitute player. Trading cards are available on the OpenSea marketplace, with teams awarded points based on the real-life performances of their players.

Sorare’s developers also have rare items represented by non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to protect the game’s dynamics. Last year, a trading card for rising football star Erling Haaland sold for $700,000.

Battle Infinity – Fantasy Sports Meets the Metaverse

Battle Infinity was launched on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network in 2022. The platform allows players to enjoy the best of blockchain gaming and the metaverse.

In Battle Infinity, players are transported to the IBAT Premier League, a metaverse platform where they can buy NFTs representing real athletes. Players can form teams with these tokens, using strategy to defeat other players and earn IBAT tokens as rewards. Aside from this, players can watch, interact, and explore the virtual reality landscape on their devices.

IBAT currently trades at $0.0024. It is a highly undervalued asset, presenting an opportunity for investors looking for high-value gains. Another undervalued asset is IMPT. Investors can buy IMPT tokens, now available on presale, to invest in an environmental conservation project that utilizes blockchain technology.

What Makes Battle Infinity a Superior Project?

Although Sorare is the older platform, Battle Infinity has shown more potential. Here are a few reasons:

Broader Scope

One difference between these platforms is that Battle Infinity has a multi-dimensional gameplay feature. Unlike Sorare, which focuses on just football and Major League Baseball (MLB), Battle Infinity covers more games, including baseball, basketball, boxing, and American football.

This means that Battle Infinity’s chance of attracting users is naturally better, especially in markets like North America, where football isn’t the most popular sport.

Battle Infinity Metaverse

The biggest benefit that Battle Infinity offers is its metaverse integration. The IBAT Premier League transports players to a metaverse platform, bringing even more excitement to the gameplay.

Currently, the metaverse is among the most exciting technological concepts of our time. It is believed to be the future of entertainment. The metaverse ecosystem is worth over $38.81 billion and is expected to experience a 39.4% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2022 to 2030.

Battle Infinity offers a highly engaging and seamless iteration of the metaverse that will likely catch on.

Token Integration

Battle Infinity also has the benefit of having a utility token. IBAT has been one of the most exciting new cryptocurrencies in the market this year, selling out its presale in just 65 days. The token raked in 16,500 BNB during the presale, showing impressive investor demand as it sold out over a month before the expected presale end.

With IBAT, players can buy NFTs from Battle Infinity’s in-app marketplace. Investors can also stake IBAT to earn more tokens and obtain voting power in the platform’s direction.

Investors can now stake their IBAT tokens to earn 12% APY.

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