Solitaire Game vs Battle Infinity

THNDR has released a card game that enables players to earn Bitcoin. This Bitcoin play-to-earn (P2E) game, called Solitaire, is a prelude to what Battle Infinity will do: redefine blockchain gaming.

Solitaire Targeting Female Gamers

Solitaire is reported to combine the familiarity of card games with the enormous popularity of Bitcoin to attract even more gamers, particularly females. The new card game, officially titled ‘Club Bitcoin: Solitaire,’ allows players to earn Bitcoin by playing it.

Before releasing the mobile game, the THNDR team conducted a survey, which revealed that approximately 63% of females enjoy gaming. This astounding statistic prompted the team to pool their creative resources to create a game that appeals to the female gender. Furthermore, Solitaire’s global popularity as an easy-to-play game is expected to introduce 80% of players unfamiliar with Bitcoin to earning the asset while playing the game.

THNDR is not only concerned with individual players. The Bitcoin gaming company is also looking to expand into emerging markets, where they believe an enormous future potential exists. THNDR claims that these regions account for 60% of its user base.

The CEO of THNDR, Desiree Dickerson, commented on the company’s milestone event, stating that the company’s core mission is to bring Bitcoin knowledge and use to the global stage. Dickerson also stated that the Solitaire P2E game is the best tool for doing so because players earn free Bitcoin units known as satoshis.

Solitaire: Not the Only One in the Game

Several blockchain games have hit the crypto scene, as relaxation-themed protocols have become a major force in the emerging industry. One of the best crypto games is Battle Infinity, a Binance Smart Chain (BSC)-based game.

Battle Infinity (BI) possesses several superpowers, and the project’s team hopes to accelerate blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption even further. BI is a fantasy sports game that combines the powers of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the rapidly growing Metaverse to provide players with a surreal gaming experience.

One of its main pillars is the Battle Infinity Premier League, which allows players to buy NFTs of real-world sports personalities and earn money in tandem with the real-life growth of the sports players. Players in the BI Premier League can compete and earn money through strategic gameplay.

The BI team has incorporated several Metaverse concepts into its Battle Arena vision, adding to an already surreal project. Players can communicate, learn, observe other users, and explore the Metaverse from the comfort of their own homes.

BI appeared to be targeting a much more specific market niche for crypto adoption over the last year. For instance, due to the global Covid-19 pandemic, the popularity of fantasy sports games skyrocketed last year. According to recent research, the fantasy game sports industry is expected to be worth $20.14 billion this year, with projections stating that the rapidly-growing gaming landscape could reach $34.66 billion in the next five years, depicting a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.47%.

With such optimistic market forecasts, BI could be on the verge of a historic moment in blockchain gaming.

Given the rising gas fee issue with the Ethereum network, BI’s operation on the BSC network is also commendable. The BSC network uses a modified version of the widely used proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus algorithm, which makes it faster and requires less energy. Aside from these two key characteristics, BSC is less expensive than the Ethereum network’s rising transaction fee.

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