impt to transform carbon credits

Solarcoin is a green crypto project that hopes to reward their users for installing solar panels with their native token.

It is a project that has been struggled to gain much traction, especially given the plethora of confusion surrounding migrating from their own native blockchain to the Energy Web Chain.

Nevertheless, crypto investing focused on ESG metrics has been growing significantly in popularity over the last few months.

The rise of green crypto projects

There are a range of different green projects that have arisen over the past few months.

Solarcoin is one such project, which hopes to reward people for installing solar panels on their property with their native token.

By pumping the price of the token sufficiently, the team at Solarcoin hope to make the cost of installing the aforementioned panels “effectively free” – an event that they call “Solarity”.

ESG investing will transform the crypto landscape

One of the most important trends in the past few years in the investing world has been the importance of ESG investing.

Investors are constrained and incentivised by mandates to allocate capital to companies and industries that score highly on ESG metrics.

This has meant that many companies focused on gambling, oil and tobacco have struggled to draw quite the same degree of capital as they used to be able to, despite their highly profitable business models (in the Western world particularly).

Now that the cryptocurrency industry has become more mature and is seeking more capital from larger, traditional financial players, ESG is also playing a role in the cryptocurrency space.

IMPT will transform carbon offsetting

IMPT hopes to be one of the most ESG compliant tokens in the entirety of crypto.

Unlike Solarcoin, which incentivises their users for installing solar panels, IMPT hopes to reduce carbon emissions in a different way: incentivising socially responsible shopping.

The idea of socially responsible shopping is a relatively new one, and is centred around the idea that the world would be a better place if consumers were rewarded for shopping with companies that have higher ESG scores, since those companies are friendlier to the environment.

Those who earn IMPT by spending through the shopping platform will have the opportunity to either hodl or trade their IMPT, and if they please they will be able to burn their IMPT – making the token more deflationary – in exchange for an NFT that showcases their green credentials.

Thus far, the IMPT presale has already raised in excess of $6m, and the presale is selling out extremely quickly.

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IMPT - New Eco Friendly Crypto

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