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Solar Price Prediction – After the SXP Pump This New Eco Coin Could be Next to Soar

Solar (SXP) price exploded to $0.9395 this week before starting to give back the gains to trade at $0.62 on Sunday. The token surged, propelled by increasing trading volume from South Korean traders.

At one point, the SXP-won trading pair saw volumes of up to $490 million, overshadowing the two largest cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). The volume was so high that it surpassed the token’s market value.

Solar boasts $344 million in market capitalization, ranking 106th. SXP’s trading volume has, however, been shrinking over the last few days. Although many may find $133 million to be a significant amount.

The Solar Network is a rebranded payment-centric blockchain that evolved from its previous role as Swipe, a debit card provider. In 2020, Binance, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange in terms of trading volume, acquired Swipe.

SXP/USD daily chart

Binance recently announced plans to support a token migration for SXP in the near future, which could explain the heightened interest in the project.

Ecoterra Poised To Rally As Solar Pulls Back

South Korean traders have a history of pumping tokens, but this pump rarely lasts. Therefore, investors may consider the next best crypto presale, which according to expert analysis, may rally to hit a $1 billion market value.

Ecoterra is the newest green crypto, but unlike other projects making an impact on the global environment by engaging in the sale and transfer of carbon credits, the team behind ECOTERRA is reducing our carbon footprint through incentivized recycling efforts.

As worldwide plastic waste is expected to soar to an astonishing 1.014 billion tons by 2060, and the amount of plastic seeping into our environment is projected to rise twofold to 44 million tons annually, this is the time to take action.

Recycling serves as a viable approach to decrease pollution hazards linked to waste generation, as it lessens both air and water pollution arising from manufacturing operations.

A novel recycling application, Ecoterra, fuses eco-consciousness with financial rewards via its Web3 Recycle 2 Earn initiative, bringing a rejuvenating perspective to the recycling realm.

Ecoterra, as a crypto-based company, encourages individuals to recycle, offering them ECOTERRA tokens in return, and fostering a situation where proper waste handling leads to monetary rewards.

The Recycle2Earn (R2E) platform provides an easy-to-use system where users can scan the barcodes of recyclable products, submit them to a nearby Reverse Vending Machine (RVM), and obtain a receipt detailing the materials and amounts they’ve recycled.

“Users then photograph the receipt using the Ecoterra app and collect their ECOTERRA tokens through the Recycle2Earn system,” Trend Rhode, an analyst at Business 2 Community wrote about the new ecosystem.
Investors are scooping up ECOTERRA tokens in an ongoing presale, which has just hit a new milestone, raising over $100k in a matter of days.

Ecoterra Scannable Product Database Attracts Top Brands

Ecoterra has recently announced the inclusion of various products from renowned brands like Vittel, San Pellegrino, Heineken, and Dr. Pepper in their database, allowing consumers to scan and recycle these products while earning ECOTERRA tokens.

The Ecoterra team is continuously working on expanding its database by adding more products from top companies, which will aid in enhancing the platform’s influence on waste disposal strategies.

Ecoterra’s revolutionary platform offers a recycling marketplace that simplifies transactions between businesses and recycling organizations, resulting in more efficient waste processing and exchange.

Businesses can request recyclers for fresh supplies of materials specifying the type, quantity, frequency, and quality they require, and recyclers can fulfill these demands with materials that meet the specified criteria.

Users will have several payment options at their disposal to capitalize on the marketplace. They can expect to transact using various fiat currencies, USDT, BTC, and ECOTERRA. Furthermore, Ecoterra plans to support businesses by offering discounted transaction fees.

Ecoterra’s online platform consists of two distinct marketplaces. One is dedicated to recycling, while the other deals with carbon offsetting. The carbon offset marketplace offers both individuals and businesses an opportunity to reduce their carbon emissions, thereby helping them meet their emission reduction targets.

Although Ecoterra’s innovative rewards scheme has attracted the attention of potential investors, the main objective of the project is to have a beneficial impact on the environment.

Focusing on waste management and encouraging sustainable recycling strategies, Ecoterra aims to play a significant role in combating climate change.

With over $100k raised in just a few days, Ecoterra is one of the best-performing crypto presales for 2023. Each ECOTERRA token is selling at a discounted price of $0.004 for a limited time in the presale before rising to $0.00475.

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