TAMA, the native token for the Tamadoge gaming ecosystem, is set to be listed on one of the largest centralized exchanges, Gate.io, today. We expect to see its price surge, and now may be the best time for investors to buy.

TAMA Lists on Gate.io

Last week, Tamadoge’s developers announced they were in agreement with Gate.io to list their TAMA token. Several new coins have been listed on the Hong Kong-based centralized crypto exchange, and TAMA is now set to benefit from its massive user base.

In a Twitter post, Gate.io confirmed that the listing will go live later today. TAMA will be tradable against USDT on Gate.io, and while there have been no announcements yet, we expect to see the coin tradable against other digital assets down the line.

Gate.io will be the fourth centralized exchange to list TAMA. It follows other notable names like MEXC, OKX, and LBank, all of whom listed the crypto asset within the past month.

New coins are known to benefit from listing on centralized exchanges, as this is usually a sign of broader industry acceptance. There is the fabled “Coinbase Effect,” where new coins see a price surge once it lists on the San Francisco-based exchange platform. And while Gate.io isn’t quite on the pedestal of Coinbase, it is a large exchange in its own right.

The Hong Kong-based platform is home to over 10 million customers, with a trading volume of $1.9 billion in the past 24 hours. By listing on Gate.io, TAMA is expected to enjoy a new rush of investor exposure and liquidity.

Tamadoge Game On the Way

Another huge catalyst for possible gains is that the Tamadoge game is nearing its launch.

Tamadoge is a Blockchain gaming platform where players can purchase NFT pets. The goal is for players to groom their pets and use them to battle other players’ pets. The more battles a player wins, the more TAMA tokens are awarded.

Tamadoge’s developers believe that TAMA has the potential to combine the sporadic gains of meme coins with the functionality of several other major altcoins and gaming tokens. This way, gamers can enjoy their favorite activity and make a profit.

Last week, the developers shared an update confirming that the Tamadoge game is nearing its launch as final testing is now underway, with several battleground arenas already in full development and ready to launch.

While Tamadoge was earmarked to launch this year, players would most lieu be comfortable waiting a while to see it finally come to light.

RobotEra: A New Metaverse Iteration

While TAMA is set for massive price gain, it isn’t the only coin that has piqued the interest of investors. TARO, the native token for RobotEra, is currently hot on inventors’ watchlists as potentially one of the year’s best presales.

TARO powers RobotEra – a planetary reconstruction project where players can build their robot-like avatars and exist within a metaverse. Players can also manage their land, construct their environments, and move freely. The platform also offers a shared multiverse connected to other worlds, including concert theme parks.

The digital asset is available on presale, with the first stage already underway. Investors can purchase 1 TARO for 0.020 USDT.

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