SingularityNET has awoken from a half decade slumber this month. Native token AGIX has surged through an eyewatering 800% rally in the past 30 days.
AGIX is currently trading at $0.49 as it battles to hold onto hard-won price levels .
February has seen a gentle uptick catalyse into skyrocketing price action. AGIX climbed 305% since the beginning of February.
SingularityNET (AGIX) - 800% rally in 2023 as investors flock to the best altcoins using crypto AI. Read AGIX price analysis to find out more!
Source: TradingView
The rally hit a local top at $0.66 – marking the highest level since 2018 for the steadfast project.
The start of this week saw an immediate area of localised support building between $0.40 – $0.45. This will be a key level to watch as consolidation fights sell pressure from shocked long-term holders.
A breakdown from this support level could spell disaster for rally momentum. The next likely support level sits astride the 200 Day MA at $0.30.
SingularityNET’s jaw-dropping gains have come as the rally enters pure price exploration territory. A move any higher would be a blow-off top with little historical points of reference from the past 3-4 years.
A look back to extreme volatility surrounding the project’s launch in 2018 draws attention to $0.80 as probable top-side resistance. But this is for all intents and purposes new ground. Price exploration hasn’t occurred in this range in half a decade.

How high could AGIX soar?

Looking to indicators illuminates the consolidation movement. Sat remarkably low at 36 due to the ongoing retracement – this is clear bullish divergence. This is very encouraging, indicating buy pressure is far from overbought. A clear signal that price could move up.
Yet despite a bullish RSI, the MACD bodes bearish divergence. Reading at -0.01681, this signals a much needed retrace to test support could be necessary.
SingularityNET (AGIX) - 800% rally in 2023 as investors flock to the best altcoins using crypto AI. Read AGIX price analysis to find out more!
Source: TradingView
It is suggestable then that AGIX is due to retrace. This should consolidate and resume upwards momentum over the next week or two.
Thus with an upside target of $0.80 (a 64% gain), and a downside risk to $0.30 (a 38% loss). AGIX currently carries a Risk:Reward of 1.69 – an attractive entry. I would warn that it is worth waiting to see where retracement stabilizes before entering a position.

What is SingularityNET?

Riding on the coat-tails of February’s crypto AI boom – SingularityNET is an old project making a big impact.

The project is focused on the ambitious goal of delivering a decentralised AI marketplace accessible to all. The goal here is to build an open-source artificial general agent (AGA).

In simple terms this means the AGIX team are trying to create open-source AI powered infrastructure that will easily enable developers to deploy artificially intelligent smart contracts.

This would allow fast and scalable building of AI products for end-users. But would also position AGIX as a premier commercial launchpad for AI-based decentralised applications (dApps).

SingularityNET Foundation holds responsibility for ecosystem growth – with a current focus on developing DeFi and GameFi AI products.

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C+Charge - Eco Friendly Crypto with Real World Utility

Our Rating

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  • Democratizing Carbon Credits
  • Incentivizing Wider Adoption of EVs
  • Real Life Use Case for Web3 Technology
  • First Platform Allowing EV Owners to Earn Carbon Credits On or Off Chain
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