Silks Own Your Dinasty

Silks, the world’s first derivatives-based sports play-to-earn game, announced a fantastic Crypto Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer that you really don’t want to miss.

The offer bundles together a Silks Genesis Avatar, which is needed to access the metaverse, and Silks Racehorse NFTs, a derivative of a real-world Thoroughbred Racehorse that rewards you if it wins in real-world races.

The bundle is priced significantly cheaper than purchasing the NFTs separately. As a result, it can be your perfect entrance into the play-to-earn ecosystem that mirrors an industry that generates $11 billion annually.

Silks Best Crypto Black Friday Offer Ever

Silks announced their first Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal, scheduled to run from Black Friday to Cyber Monday evening. The deal will see bundles of two NFTs released for a heavily discounted price.

The bundle includes one Common Silks Genesis Avatar and one Silks series 1 Delivery Pass for an unrevealed racehorse for a total of $750 which is a massive 25/30% discount on the actual price (depending on the ETH value as Avatars are sold at 0.25ETH each).

The Common Silks Genesis Avatar will provide holders access to the Silks metaverse and will allow them to earn in-game rewards if their Silks Thoughbred Racehorses win at real-world races.

The Racehorse Delivery Pass will permit the holder to mint one of the Silks Thoughbred Racehorses NFTs for free without paying additional minting fees.

In total, the deal provides new users access to the Silks metaverse and provides them with their first Silks Racehorse NFT to let them earn rewards during the 2023 Silks Spring races.

What is Silks?

Silks Throughbred RaceHorses

Silks is the world’s first derivatives-based play-to-earn metaverse that mirrors a lucrative real-world sport – thoroughbred horse racing. It bridges the gap between Web3 and the real world by creating an immersive metaverse experience that users can earn from the outcome of real-world events.

The same skills required to succeed in real-world thoroughbred racing are also necessary for the Silks metaverse. Players must choose their racehorses wisely, as many won’t be race-winning horses – some won’t even make it to the racetrack.

The metaverse is a world where players can experience the thrill of owning a racehorse without having to incur significant expenses such as vet bills, paying trainers, and sharing purses with jockeys. However, the metaverse still allows players to earn from the real-world race outcomes of thoroughbred horses – without placing bets on the races. Instead, users earn from the game if they own the Silks Thoroughbred Racehorses NFT that wins in real-world races.

Furthermore, the Silks Thoroughbred Racehorse NFTs are expected to become incredibly valuable, considering that they are derivatives of very expensive racehorses that produce real-world earnings for holders.

In total, there are four major categories of NFTs in the metaverse, which include:

  • Silks Avatars
  • Silks Horses
  • Silks Land
  • Silks Stables

Together, these four categories of NFTs form the entire Silks ecosystem and are intended to allow players to earn from their efforts in the Silks metaverse.

How does Silks Work?

Silks mirror the real-world thoroughbred horse racing industry that generates over $11 billion in bets alone.

Silks use the public data and statistics of Yearlings – horses less than two years old that haven’t started racing – and link them to NFTs. Some of the data inputted into the NFT are bloodline, training progress, and racing results.

Users then mint these Silks Thoroughbred Racehorse NFTs and hope that their real-world counterparts start winning in real-world races. If they win, the NFT owner is rewarded in the Silks metaverse.

Each of the four NFT groups plays a key role in the Silks economy, and it gets really in-depth. For example, users can speculate on Silks Land NFTs, 202,500 acres of virtual plots that Silks Racehorses owners can purchase. Silks Landowners can earn rewards by staking Silks Racehorses on their farms. They can also use the land to build Silks Stables and create a syndicate to enjoy shared rewards by taking care of other users’ Silks Racehorses.

In addition, the most prominent NFTs in the game are undoubtedly the Silks Avatars and the Silks Horses.

What are the Silks Avatars?

Silks Orange and Yellow Avatar

The Silks Genesis Avatars are a collection of digital uniforms representing the identity of individual racehorse owners in the Silks metaverse. In total, 10,000 Genesis Silks Avatars have been released in two separate batches, and every player must own one of the Silks Avatars to participate in the metaverse and start earning rewards.

The Silks Genesis Avatars serve as your access pass to the Silks metaverse and allow you to start earning in-game rewards.

The distinct combination of colors and patterns creates a one-of-a-kind family crest representing your dynasty in the Game of Silks. The combination of colors and patterns will decorate all of your assets in Silks, including the accessories on your Silks Thoroughbred Racehorse NFTs.

Why Buy a Silks Avatar?

Silks Avatar Hugging Silks RaceHorse

Alongside providing access to the metaverse and the ability to start earning rewards, the Silks Genesis Avatars are also required to mint a Silks Racehorse NFT.

Each Silks Genesis Avatar NFT provides the owner with a lifetime mint pass for the annual Yearling Sale. Each year, every NFT is given one pass to mint one Silks Horses NFT.

Furthermore, holders will receive a fully functional 3D character that will be used to navigate the Silks metaverse. As the Game of Silks ecosystem matures, Silks Genesis Avatar holders will gain access to exclusive experiences, giveaways, and real-life events.

Why are Silks Avatars so Popular?

The first batch of Silks Genesis Avatars was released earlier in Q2 2022, and they quickly sold out as top investors and prominent NFT collectors rushed to purchase the collection. The Silks Genesis Avatars became so popular that they are consistently ranked among the top 10 Sports NFTs on OpenSea.

OpenSea Silks Collection

They were also added to the Nansen.Ai Gaming 50 index – the most highly respected NFT index in the industry.

As a result of the overwhelming hype, prominent NFT collectors started to get in on the Silks Genesis Avatar action and added them to their collection. In fact, collectors of the most prestigious NFT collection in the sector – the Bored Ape Yacht Club – also purchased Silks Avatars to include in their collection.

BAYC and Silks Owner on OpenSea

The Last Batch is Still Available

The final batch of Silks Genesis Avatars is still up for grabs, but they are selling quickly. The great thing about the second batch of the overall 10,000-strong collection is that there are many rare NFTs still waiting to be bought.

You can purchase the Silks Genesis Avatars for 0.25 ETH. Once they are gone, your only option would be to buy the Silks Genesis Avatars on secondary markets, such as OpenSea. However, the Silks Genesis Avatars sold on OpenSea tend to have a higher price tag or have already used the current year’s Yearling Mint Pass – meaning you won’t be able to mint a Silks Racehorse NFT for the current year.

Silks Genesis Avatars Page

What are the Silks Horses NFTs?

The Silks Racehorse NFTs are the cornerstone of the ecosystem. These are the NFTs that are derivatives of real-world assets – thoroughbred racehorses.

Silks will host an annual Yearlings Sale, allowing Silks Genesis Avatar NFT holders to mint one Silks Thoroughbred Racehorse NFT each year in a blind mint. This totally levels the playing field for participants and removes the chance for participants with deep pockets to purchase the best horses.

A Yearling is a horse still yet to race but is being trained to get to the track within the following year.

Silks Racehorses Page

The Silks Racehorse NFTs will be the driving force behind the entire Silks economy. Holders of the Silks Racehorse NFTs are rewarded if the real-world counterpart wins in real-world races. However, there are also inherent risks associated with owning a Silks Racehorse NFT. For example, if your horse gets injured, it won’t hit the racetrack, and you won’t be earning any rewards.

On the other hand, the value of these Silks Racehorse could explode as the Silks ecosystem starts to thrive. The Silks whitepaper states that Yearlings at auction sell for an average price of $60,000 – that’s the value of a nice sports car. Furthermore, owners would spend another $40,000 on feeding, housing, and training the horse to prepare for racing. As the Silks Racehorses are derived from these high-value Thoroughbred Racehorses, we can anticipate the value of the Silks Racehorses to explode in price over time, especially if the horse is a winning horse.

The first set of 10 yearlings was posted this week on OpenSea for bidding, allowing players to build their stables to be ready for the 2023 racing season.

Silks Table of Contents

In 2023, Silks Horses NFT owners are expected to get 1% of their horses’ real-world purse earnings. Likely, this percentage will steadily rise over the following years.

One measly percent might not sound like a lot, but purses often extend into the millions of dollars ballpark. For example, the 2022 US Kentucky Derby had a prize purse of $3 million, with the winner taking home $1.86 million. That’s $18,600 for the winner. Furthermore, horses that came in second, third, and fourth all received a few hundred thousand dollars.

When is Silks Ready to Open?

According to the roadmap, Silks plans to open the doors to its metaverse in Q1 2023. By Spring time, they estimate that the first batch of Yearlings should be racing, and players will start earning rewards. However, there will be a slight delay between the metaverse opening and races going live. As a result, players can use this time to build stables, start Pinhooking, syndicate their horses, or stake the horses in stables to start earning from the overall ecosystem.

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals provide the perfect opportunity to enter the ecosystem. It bundles together two of the most important NFTs in the P2E game and lets you purchase them at a discounted price of $750. But, of course, if you were to buy a Silks Genesis Avatar and then mint a Silks Racehorses separately, you would be paying considerably more.

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