Shiba Inu price slips 15% to $0.00001297 as meme coins lose traction amid overall market bearishness. This could be good news for upcoming meme coins like the play-to-earn Tamadoge, as investors may shift their investments to TAMA for profit. According to a tweet, Shiba Inu was listed on BlueBit during the last week.

BlueBit, a cryptocurrency exchange based in St. Vincent and Grenadines that recently began trading, has listed Shiba Inu, according to the tweet. In addition, BlueBit tweeted on August 14 to inquire about their users’ interest in seeing SHIB listed there.

In contrast to older exchanges, newly established crypto exchanges appear to add popular currencies like Shiba Inu to their trading listings. It will significantly impact SHIB/USD, and the price decline may be slowed.

Shina Inu Price & Tokenomics

The current Shiba Inu price is $0.000013, and the 24-hour trading volume is $921.5 million. Shiba Inu has dropped 11.52% in the last 24 hours and began trading at $0.00001349; during the day, it reached a high of $0.00001359 and a low of $0.00001268.

CoinMarketCap currently ranks #12 with a live market cap of $7.2 billion. The circulating supply is 549,063,278,876,302 SHIB coins; the maximum supply is unknown. For the first time since April 12, Shiba Inu reported 463 whale transactions of $100,000 or more on August 15. The 500 largest whale accounts on the network have amassed approximately 119 billion SHIB purchased during the price drops from July to August of 2022.

The whale holdings of the SHIB are now worth $1.89 billion, or 5.91% of its total assets. Shiba Inu whales increased the price of SHIB by 42% in three days in August 2022, indicating a bullish trend or breakout. The announcement shook the cryptocurrency world, but it also sparked discussion about Shiba Inu whales’ role in driving up the price of SHIB/USD and profiting from it.

Shiba Eternity Enters Vietnam

William Volk, a gaming industry expert, tweeted on August 16 that Shiba Eternity is already a success in Vietnam. Volk is the CEO of Shiba Inu Games, which recently conducted a test launch of Shiba Eternity in Vietnam. He tweeted that the company had to fifty-fold the capacity of the game’s server due to higher-than-expected demand.

This news will increase interest in the Shiba Inu currency, potentially benefiting the SHIB/USD exchange rate. A massive 410.37 trillion SHIB tokens, or approximately 16.2 million SHIB tokens, were instantly burned on August 18.

Over time, the burnt volume supported the increasing token value of memes. Even if the burn rate was reduced by up to 79%, the intensive and numerous SHIB burn transactions resulted in over 1 million SHIB tokens. The lack of momentum in SHIB may have contributed to the price drop, which supports a bearish trend.

Shiba Inu Price Slips 15% – Quick Technical Outlook

Shiba Inu has entered the oversold zone and has found strong support at the $0.0000127 level. If SHIB breaks below $0.0000127, it will be exposed to an immediate support area at $0.0000122.

On the other hand, an ascending trendline on the 4-hour timeframe will almost certainly drive an uptrend in SHIB. Because the coin was oversold, we could see SHIB exhibit a bullish correction until the 23.6% and 38.2% Fibonacci retracement levels at $0.00001331 and $0.00001362, respectively.

A further bullish breakout of the $0.00001362 level could extend the bullish trend until the $0.00001420 level, representing a 61.8% Fibonacci retracement.

Is it Time to Buy Shiba Inu or Tamadoge Before $1?

Given Shiba Inu’s bearish bias, investors appear to be looking for other meme coins. However, Tamadoge is a good option because it is in the spotlight, and its price may skyrocket after the presale.

What is Tamadoge?

Tamadoge, yet another best ERC20 token, takes a unique approach by combining meme coin concepts with play-to-earn (P2E) game features. TAMA is the ecosystem’s native token and is classified as a meme coin. It can be used to complete any in-game transaction, from purchasing items for your pet to fully upgrading them.

Like the best play-to-earn games, TAMA allows users to earn frequent rewards by playing competently. This will enable players to mint, breed, care for, and battle their ‘Tamadoge pets.’ Tamadoge has a total supply cap of 2 billion coins, a maximum supply of 2 billion coins, and a 5% token burn on all Tamadoge store transactions, such as the purchase of dog food to nourish doge puppies.

Investors in the presale will receive 50% of the total supply. Tamadoge pets will be collectible, tradeable, 3D-animated NFTs that mature from infant to adult. The TAMA team has announced that its first CEX listing on LBank has been approved for post-launch, implying that Tamadoge has enormous upside potential upon launch. Tamadoge will also be available on the Uniswap DEX.


At the time of writing, $5,604,966.648 USDT ($5.6 million) has been raised at – early traders can buy TAMA with ETH, USDT, or fiat currency via on-ramp Transak using a debit or credit card.

Currently, USDT equals 57.14 TAMA, but this will change to USDT equals 50.00 TAMA once Tamadoge raises the remaining $51 million.

Learn how to create a cryptocurrency wallet to buy Tamadoge.

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